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Why does windows detect this as a virus?


Hi. We've cracked the code. All of our findings can be seen in these two documents here:

Be sure to join the Discord if you haven't already and show some appreciation to the people who solved this mystery!

How did you find the “25467” part? How did you discover that was was you were supposed to type in?

you can find that number if you do the "shoot the eye" ending in no players online. then you get a Log_test_data file (which is a text file) and the number is there. For me, that file was on my desktop

Holy crap...that final passcode though....I did it the cheap way xD but the legit way is freaking genius! and very well set! I didn't even know there was even a bandcam profile...Also, what is up with the last music in this album?  Victor Kraus made the music in the game, right?

This reminded me of AssaultCube (But there are still people who plays it).

Found an Ending in Version 2.0

chasms of faith and the sign

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So far, found one ending, anyone who says 'All secrets found' or 'All endings' are just creating clickbait, seen people claim they found all endings even BEFORE todays newest update was released, people are desperate for DEM CLICKS, do not fall for clickbait / deceptive youtube titles. We're not even sure how many secrets remain or if there'll be multiple endings.

Delivering the flag IS an ending :P


soooo..... for the people who actually got there.... some windings and a 6 digit password ( _ _ - _ _ - _ _ ) no 0 on the keypad.... hmmmm any ideas? I tried decimal values of keyboard characters but it doesn't seem to be it or maybe I just did it wrong...Remember, no zero in the password


i tried the dates without the 0's as well. i thought maybe the wifes name converted to hex or octal, but way too many numbers obviously




Holy crap! :o did you figure it out ? O_o

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I will not take credit for this find -    only wanted to help out

Hellow there creator. I played your game and i really loved it. I love it so much that i put some specialties in the video. You have to make more games like this. This is really good. Anyway, watch my video and tell me that you liked it or not. ENJOY!!

Great little game. It'd have been much better if the developer didn't spell everything out for you and you had to piece it together yourself, still I put together a little video on my thoughts and an explanation on why I think this subgenre of horror needs to be explored more.

Everything before the dev contacts you is great. After that it turns into a really basic creepypasta story framework that not only manages to erase all the mystery after only a couple minutes of fantastic creeping dread but completely declaws the scary entity. There's some really great buildup and then just... poof.

There are also a couple of minor things that just don't make sense. First, I can't think of any conceivable reason this would be on a VHS tape. It seems like you just wanted a reason to have a VHS filter because that's the popular style right now. Why, if this game was never released and isn't supposed to be played by anyone but the dev, are there clearly community-run servers and clans and such? The story is totally at odds with the way you've designed the game.

Honestly, though, you don't even need the VHS filter because you completely nailed the aesthetic of early 3D, right down to what looks like vertex-based animation making the gun all wobbly and strange while it's idle. The map is sufficiently basic (maybe a little too basic, it would suck to play a real game of CTF on) and I really like how you set up the server browser.

I'd love to see the concept of "you join one of an old dead multiplayer game's last remaining servers, but things go wrong when someone- or something- else joins after you" turned into a much longer game. I love haunted video games and meta-horror like IMSCARED or Space Blaster, but the cliche and droll "this game will bring back my dead wife" story really deflated the tension and atmosphere you perfectly arranged from the first minute I spawned in. I'd suggest you show instead of tell if you decide to expand on this idea, but I'm extremely excited to see what you make next.

First things first: the build up of scares was absolutely fantastic. I got goosebumps! The music, visual effects, the graphics, everything was pitch perfect, up until the very end.


Maybe this is a little harsh, but in my mind there's nothing worse than a horror game that needs to throroughly explain itself. The dialogue with the developer at the end destroys the tone that was being built up the whole time, because it undermines all the creepiness with incredibly tired horror cliches. I feel like it's much scarier when you don't fully understand what's going on - like did we really need an explanation even for the record player of all things? That said, I totally understand that this is a game jam game and you didn't have the most time to work on it, so I don't want to judge too much; I just really like it when horror games take a more subtle approach.



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If you input the code from the log generated, it plays a sound. 25467
That removed the blockage on that prevents you from falling off the map in the base game.


and also emits a scream sound effect that made me shit myself

Deleted 266 days ago

I got a little further to the next game from getting an email back etc. This is super cool! I did a vid on the first update and now here's the new stuff in a vid! 

I downloaded version 2.0 of the game and when I start the game it crashes, the screen goes black and nothing happens, after some time appeared the cassette and makes the noises, but not out of it.


I created a Discord server to try and crack this game:

Trying to solve this mystery through random comments seems really inefficient.

it says the invite is invalid


Are you sure? Have you tried this one?


could everyone try to bump this post? the more people we have in the discord, the easier we can solve all this :)

Just played in version 2.0, but did not find anything new. Tell me?

Look Deeper

Deeper ... where?

I loved the style of this. I didn't listen  to the dude but I wonder what would have happened.


Hang on a minute... didn't someone post a new code here? I could have sworn they said "up, up up, down, down, down" or something like that. Where did it go?

up up down down left right left right B A 

There's a new one, we just don't know where to use it, it's:

up up up down down enter

Are you sure? I tried that after getting kicked from shooting John's eye in the second loop and nothing happened.

No, you use the konami code there, this is the new one from the pencil cutscene

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Go to the Multiplayer Fix log and e-mail the yahoo address.

Ehh... It was OK. The visual aesthetic, while a little cliche by this point in history, was done legitimately well. The CRT shader used was particularly impressive. I found myself actually kind of creeped out the first time I played, but the minute I discovered you could use the Konami Code to reset the game in order to play it dozens of times in the vain hope that you solve a particularly hard alternate reality puzzle to achieve the final ending, it kind of lost its luster for me.

The story was also really goofy. The minute the dev character started saying this game could "restore the souls of the dead", I immediately thought of "Commandment" whilst speaking fake Japanese over his lines. It fit a little too well.

Hopefully someone solves the remaining puzzles, because running your own ARG is no small feat, especially for a small game jam entry like this.



creepy as hell

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15/11/19 - still no new info beyond this:

WARNING: enable tracking
---- re-establishing connection to server
resetting progress
DUMP - end
Exception: dead end (25467)
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New update

This was so cool! Really gives off a vibe of ominous nostalgia. The story of the ghost, albeit very short lived, is cryptic enough to make me want more! I'd love to play a longer version of this or something similar! Here's my playthrough:

I found the game very interesting. Also props for using an "online" fps for the story. I kinda wish the "dev" would actively attempt to stop the player for a bit before delivering the last flag.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played

Not a bad little short story. I wish there was more to experiance but other wise I love the concept and style of No Players Online. Cant wait for more.

Hey, this is a spoiler but i need help

Whenever i do the first part [capture 3 times, close game, open,konami code) the next part doesnt happen where he should say "Why are you here again??" instead it just repeats.

That part happens if the first time you DO NOT deliver the third flag.

To get to that part, you have to exit the game when the dev asks you to do so, then restart it (you won't need to enter a konami code, because the servers will still be online).

Yeah, I was going to say that.

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Loved the game, the PS1 graphics they were pure goodness, the endings were not that bad, liked the way the game made me feel like I was in a lonely and creepy atmosphere overall this was pretty a impressive, unique and creepy game to play.


All in all, from the implied secrets to the feeling of nostalgia the game gives you ( it reminded me of games like Perfect dark) This is a brilliant gem! It's a bit unfortunate that (at least for now) it's so short

Very good game. I like the style it gives me nostalgia. very good game. I hope that we will get more from you :) Please let me know if you will make something new :)

btw here is my video:

Deleted 266 days ago

I think the four "levels" might actually be the transition the level takes, when some of the objects switch around. I think the level quickly alternates whenever you pick up a flag to a separate level, where objects are switched around.

Yeeeah :/ it seems like the two first levels are associated with the tape you click in the beginning, another one is for the secret paper ending and only one of them is the actual map... but there appear to be emoji textures that don't seem to be used anywhere in the game...oh well, I downloaded Unity over nothing :P

So... what is with the second playthrough, and that short video clip at the end? I've tried figuring it out, and I got some kind of LOG text file, but the video clip is what really gets me? ^^^vv and enter? What am I supposed to be getting here?

11/15/19 is this Ftoday, and my theory is that maybe we'll be able to actually play multiplayer with other people.

the game works till i get to the blue screen but no server to pick

Use the Konami code


Hi guys! I have read all of the comments below and I have some thoughts about dates:

1) We have three "old" dates: 03/20/86 (the inscription on the tape, you can find it above on this page); 4/5/1987 1:56am (from metadata of the savefile) and... 12/12/1987 - the log file with <o> tag has this date in it's name. I counted the number of days between these dates (without including the end date) and as a result I got the following: 381 days or 1 year, 0 months, 16 days (first and second dates), 251 days or 0 year, 8 months, 7 days (second and third dates), 632 days or 1 year, 8 months, 22 days (first and third dates).

Unfortunately there are no any visible sequences or coincidences in this numbers so I can't argue that these numbers make sense.

2) The one "modern" date: 11/15/19. The simplest assumption: something will happen on 15th of November. Update of the game? New hint from developers?

Hmmm interesting 

I checked the PNG's properties and in the Details it says Date Taken 4/5/1987 1:56am. could it be a clue to something?

Some more to add to the conversation. 

The wife's username seems to be #ù%Jhl&, though I can't tell exactly what is above the u or whether the second to last character is a lowercase L or a capital i. Interesting note, if the u is actually ù, then it can be called a u with a grave. (dead wife? grave?) 

There are pillars, trees and crossbars that will disappear and reappear seemingly at random. It does not seem to be consistent across different playthroughs or game states. Also the two pillars in the room with the gramophone seem to have no collision, but there doesn't seem to be anything hidden in them.  We haven't checked there at all points in the game, though. 

One question I have: the game is supposed to be a capture the flag game with multiple servers that seem to include both public, developer run servers (the first three) and player run servers. Who made these player run servers? Did this game actually have an actual playerbase at one point? Is JOHN_DEV just really invested in making his dead wife resurrection game appear as though it had an acive playerbase at one point? 

this converted to octal is "43 303 271 45 112 150 154 46" but  thats too long for the code we currently need.

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