SPOOKWARE Full Version Releases August 26th!

Good news! The first episode of the full version of SPOOKWARE launches on Steam on August 26th! We've been really hard at work creating this game over the past 6 months. Expect more horror-inspired microgames, along with a story about skele-brotherhood, adventure and watching movies. This is my first big commercial title, and I'm really excited to see people enjoy it! Thanks for supporting my work! :)

What you can expect from the first of four episodes of SPOOKWARE:

  • an exciting road trip adventure starring the adorable skelebros
  • 4 chapters, each with their own set of microgames, exploration, and mechanics.
  • 4-6 hours of gameplay
  • replay and remix unlocked microgames for the ultimate challenge
  • at least 7 bone puns

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For people who bought the Dread X Collection 3, is this Spookware free?

This game is much, MUCH bigger than the dread x 3 version. So you'll have to buy a copy, sorry! Thank you for your support :)


To hear that it's a big version makes me happy. Take my money! :D