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Original concept, I liked it! And the pixel art is charming too. Well done


This game is really awesome. Its fun to play and addictive. I love the pixel graphics abd colour pallete. I really liked the tethering mechanic, where you'd have to pull the chain down. Controls seemed a wee bit wierd at first but then i got the hang of it. 

Overall a wonderful game ! Try it out guys.

Hey, this game ain't on the play store no more :(


Shoot yeah I think it got taken down, I'll put an apk up here.


Thank you so much !


Really fun concept, the visual style is beautiful. Only is that with the ship movement and shooting squeezing and everything it seemed a bit weird to dodge bullets ? like some I thought wouldn't touch me and they did, but it's not a big deal. Also in some rare condition enemies seemed to go trough the chain? Awesome game though :D

Thank you so much! <3 That's strange indeed, I'll look into it.

This is a super cool concept

That's an incredible idea. I really enjoyed it, although it's a bit too hard for me. (But that's just my own personal problem)


I tried to help Starfleet Mac but I could only get 414 points. I like the chain idea. Pretty nice!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)