a short piece of postcard-ware about dreams and automobiles
- mouse only -

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sounds by Viktor Kraus

game-a-month #22

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
Authorspapercookies, ViktorRKraus
Made withUnity
TagsAltgame, Experimental, postcardware, Short


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so, waiting Car Game 2 now

I really love the controls of this game. Great job


can't explain how much the game qnnoyed me in the start, but I knew it was proposital beacuse you said it was a dream about not knowing how to drive, and after some time i finaly discovered how to accelerete the car, it got even more annoying, but, then I figured out how to drive, so it got fun, and the end, was even better than I expected, I never know what to expect from your games, again, I loved this game, and I won't forget about this

thank you so much :)) i'm glad you got to experience a rollercoaster (car-coaster?) of emotions!


I really like these shareware type games!

You are So genius Your game is so lovely

man this was so cool i surely do love cars and gears and stuff

This game will improve your driving skills greatly!

very lovly game, i think the gears are reversed from real life, i could be wrong. 


Good thing i got my drivers licence recently. The car was a really fun experience after some tries, i guess just like real life. Gud game

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Okay. This one was really fascinating.
Not only does it honestly teach me how a manual stick shift is supposed to work (I can file away that knowledge now), but it was exciting to eventually realize that once I started flying, and then messed up by letting off the peddle, then I had to work my way back up again to try and fly again, and I kept hitting straight into rocks several times. It instilled this determination in me to make it up into the air again and see what was in store up there. I was even nervous to let my finger off the mouse button until I knew the sequence ended.

I also was impressed by the literal rough edges of everything, and how effective the game is even with little polish. It's a creative experiment that does what it sets out to do, it's engaging, and a final polish wouldn't make it any better. In fact, it might diminish its existing charm.


Game so good i created an account to say how good it was, played through it like 7 times and still going.


WHY is so HARD to move the steering wheel? i cannot count how many times i was on the HIGHEST gear and bumped into a rock, i know you can move the steering wheel but i dont know how to

Very old comment, but if someone ever reads this, i'd recommend taking the extreme of the wheel depending on the way you want to steer it and then just flicking your mouse towards the desired direction, generally it'll make it steer.


sorry, i dont speak smart person

click and hold on the wheel then move your mouse really far to the left or right

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My PC is lagging on this, it's a HP Probook 450 G6 with an 8th gen intel core i3-8145U, any way to fix the lag?


try the download version, unity webgl sucks a bit sorry!



I hated it so much until I loved it so much. (2nd game in video, start time code: 5:26 [and additional reading at the very end])

Haha thanks for playing! I liked that you used a drawpad for this, it's all about that hand-eye coordination :v)


This was really relaxing and satisfying once I figured out the car.

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I dont really understand the controls, how do I start the car?


well oof


grab and hold the pedals and move your mouse down to press them. You need to enable your clutch (left-most), shift into a higher gear and accelerate with the gas pedal. The trick is to not shift into the highest gear when you start or it'll jam the engine!