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Climb mountains high with your climbing mate using JoyCon's motion controls!

  • Use JoyCon's motion contols to clamber up mountains.
  • Procedurally-generated levels, it's different every climb!
  • Different game lengths, including an ENDLESS mode.

Connect 2 JoyCons to your PC by pressing the reset button on them and adding them in your bluetooth settings. For the best experience, connect the left JoyCon first.

Launch the game, point the JoyCon at the screen and press the X button to re-calibrate. Use the left joystick to navigate menus, press the left trigger to confirm. 

Point the JoyCon at the screen to move your hands in-game, press and hold the trigger to grab.

The game was designed with multi-player in mind. With each player being one hand. It's entirely possible to play alone as well, though!
Have fun!

Made for DAE Creaweek Gamejam 2019
Code and Art by Papercookies (Adam Pype)
Code by Sybren Van Praet
Code, Trailer and Design by Jens Lelie
Code and JoyCon Integration by Floris Leysen
Art, Code and Music by Oscar Tulkens

11th Submission for Game-a-Month 


ClimbMate v1.3.zip 31 MB

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