an update after all these years...


I rebuilt the game without the "for educational use only" text on the bottom right. Now that I actually have a Unity license and not a student license like back when I made this thing, you can finally enjoy this game the right way :)

Happy driving!
- Adam


CursorCar.exe 23 MB
Apr 27, 2022

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hey, this is going to sound like a dumb request but i am a high school student and i was just wondering if you could make a way to change the car like make the skid marks permeant or be able to use custom images or make it so that you can use the mouse as controls

thanks FB 

ps i hope u go on to produce some great stuff and are doing well

Hi Adam! love your work, really fresh inspiring stuff!

Is there any chance of you releasing a mac version of cursor car? Need a distraction while I'm doing work on my mac <3