A downloadable toy for Windows

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Race around your desktop with a little car for your mouse.

"Cursor Car makes the simple act of using your mouse cursor fun."
- Free Game Planet


  • Launch the exe and click on the car to control it.
  • Use the arrow keys to drive around
  • Press spacebar to click on things.
  • Press escape to unlock your cursor.
  • Close the application in the taskbar or with ALT+F4.

Disclaimer: Context menus/typing will not work due to the application stealing focus. Some weird stuff might also happen when used in Explorer.

10th Submission for Game-a-Month

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
Tagsdektop, toy, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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CursorCar.exe 23 MB

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i like using this with desktop goose

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Great vrooming action! Sadly doesn't fully extend the drivable area to resolutions higher than 1920x1080, though.

can you plss add different cars plss (nissan gtr r35 would be nice) love you bro!!!

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I love driving with the cursor XD


can u make it giant?

if only there were collidable objects

really fun


hi, i really like your game! but i have a question concerning your cursor. where did you get that amazing cursor

oh! i made that one a while ago, I don't know if I still have it somewhere!! I'll let you know if I find it again

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thank you that would be great! sorry for the late reply lol

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how to remove lag?


how do you make things like this????????

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It's cool, but hard to control. My computer thought it was a virus, lol


how did you get it to work

idk I just opened it on my files ._.




ad modorsikl


it goes away at the middle line so it doesnt work???????

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can you make a settings panel and a mod folder so i can put my own car model?


(and maybe make it a file application)



do u think u can add a trail feature like a Tron bike as maybe a secondary setting similar to the trail after turning sharply 

when i open the .exe file it launches a bl;ack screen with the car but the black screen is supposed to be not a black screen but just the car is there any way to fix this

I love this! Just wish there was a settings panel, and also i wish there was an option for the car to just chase your cursor around, circling around the cursor when it's not moving. i think that'd be so great lol

One problem I have with this is that it's not fullscreen which means there are areas it can't reach and there's just an invisible wall that stops the car from leaving the tab


love this little car, do you have plans to add mouse controls in the future? :)


can you please more car option? thank you

click car app you have more car




cursor car have virus?


Suggestions and bugs:

Add a honk button we need it

fix the 2 moniters bug (u can only ride on 1080x and when u go to second monitor it bugs

add cosmetics and settings

add ramps that you can spawn and do tricks on

please add untitled goose thing so it can be compatible like chasing the car or actually going gta 5 mode and stealing it

maybe make a second car mode like one is controlled with wasd and the other one is arrows

(3 edits) (+1)

add setings!

and reintsall! (for updates) so it can unistall but reintsall for those updates

please make tab honk, and please make a lambo versoion


dose this work on chrome OS?

cursor car has virus?

no it isnt

is that my antivirus says it has a trojan

what antivirus do you use?

It might get flagged by windows defender, but it's safe.

When you have 2 screens you can't drive the car onto the other screen, is there a way to fix this?

Footage of the glitch here.

hey, how do i remove 'for educational use only' on the bottom left? i kinda wanna keep it on for the fun but the text on the bottom kinda ruins it for me

ah sorry! I should rerelease this without the text. It's an old Unity license thing! Thanks for letting me know :)

yay! thank you!!

It's up! Redownload the application and it should be without the text now. Have fun!!

thank youuu!

i really wanna run it but when i open it it says removed how do i fix this

now it says it has a potentially unwanted software


Don't worry, it does not contain a virus, if there isn't a button "download/run it anyway" or something like that try to disable windows protection or your anti-virus then reactivate it when you're done

i honestly wanted this, pretty sad it does not work for me on this device i will be trying to download this again but on my other laptop.:)


Damn this is awesome


was playing Catan online with friends and we were cracking up trying to initiate trades using a car. Best late night Catan game ever

Actually a betteralternative to windows built in keyboard mouse accessability thing. Would love to see the ability for a left click and drag. Also got locked out of my pc after clicking the windows key in the extreme lower left position, so more failsafes would be greatly appreciated. Also reminds me nostalgically of various win xp era desktop tools and games. Rating 5 starts in the hopes for updates!


Is there a way to resize the boundaries of the window the car can roam in? I have a 3840x2160 resolution screen, and as it seems, the car can only roam in a 1080p area from the top right towards the middle of my screen

hope there's a way, i have a 2k resolution and i have the same problem

it'd be cool if the car's engine turned off if it doesn't move for a long time

it would be good for him to be open source

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