A downloadable toy for Windows

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Race around your desktop with a little car for your mouse.

"Cursor Car makes the simple act of using your mouse cursor fun."
- Free Game Planet


  • Launch the exe and click on the car to control it.
  • Use the arrow keys to drive around
  • Press spacebar to click on things.
  • Press escape to unlock your cursor.
  • Close the application in the taskbar or with ALT+F4.

Disclaimer: Context menus/typing will not work due to the application stealing focus. Some weird stuff might also happen when used in Explorer.

10th Submission for Game-a-Month

Tagsdektop, toy, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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CursorCar.exe 20 MB


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Actually a betteralternative to windows built in keyboard mouse accessability thing. Would love to see the ability for a left click and drag. Also got locked out of my pc after clicking the windows key in the extreme lower left position, so more failsafes would be greatly appreciated. Also reminds me nostalgically of various win xp era desktop tools and games. Rating 5 starts in the hopes for updates!


Is there a way to resize the boundaries of the window the car can roam in? I have a 3840x2160 resolution screen, and as it seems, the car can only roam in a 1080p area from the top right towards the middle of my screen

it'd be cool if the car's engine turned off if it doesn't move for a long time

it would be good for him to be open source

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it would be like if you can hide it in the task bars

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i cant  open it


haha car go brrrr skrrrrrt brap vroom brum

could you Collab with desktop goose and make the goose hijack the car 


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Really fun and provides a lot of entertainment! It would be cool if you could add jumps and obstacles as well as the car being able to move monitors.

I would really love to see a driver in there and also could you make a two player one, but like not for cursor control just for the desktop

no pressure tho continue the good work its a really fun tool


I Love It, Thanks for the Toy!


haha car go vrrrrrrooooom it's fun tbh


im dream


Not Sus


Can you add a more cars, please?


it needs a horn  0




make it run on browser. if it doesn't work............ FIX IT THEN


Is there a way to make it... FASTER

Would love to see mods for this!

do you need to have it foreve

This is fun and doesn't keep me bored!


Thanks, I will never be productive again

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Haha I love the custom track!


Can you give me link of the wallpaper?

try right clicking and click save as image

Very cool and epic! btw I have discord.

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The windows is smaller than my display size. I can't access taskbar. Please fix this so I can use.


Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! Cursor car needs a horn! No but seriuosly this is great.

 Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn  Cursor car needs a horn                                                                     

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Papercookie Is there a 32 bit version of this because i really want it 


And on what engine did this application? I first thought that Unity...


I made this in unity, yeah.


The first time I see a game on Unity that has only one * .exe file.

The familiar programmer himself doesn’t know how you did it ... But the detachment of that file in it was the unity files


The question is, how could you cram a game into one file? :)


Aha, I'm glad you asked! It's actually a winrar auto-extractor. It extracts the game files to a hidden folder and launches the exe on completion. I don't like how unity games are always in zip files so that's why I used this. I change the icon of the auto-extractor to that of my game so it looks like the game is an exe when actually it's not. ;) 

Here's a blog post on how to do this yourself: http://ludumdare.com/compo/2016/04/21/how-to-make-your-game-into-a-single-exe/

Haha :)

In the first I learned that through the archive (win RAR) you can do *EXE


Here is what else I found now. This is a separate program to do *EXE

But I want to say one thing, a big minus of this ...

The game is buried and at the time of opening it is unpacked in temp (Windows cache), and those who have SSD, then this is a pain for them..

Thanks, I was looking for this!


A simply wonderful idea that gave me a wide smile. I'd really love to see more applications like this.

Would be awesome to be able to scale the car so I can see it better, and to change its colors. Maybe even little items on the screen for the player to collect.

If it weren't for the educational label at the bottom right that obscures my clock, I'd probably have this application on 24/7. It's just that great. Please make more.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it that much :) I will definitely make more, and thanks for the suggestions!


That's so funny

Deleted 2 years ago

I don't have a mac to test on + this heavily relies on Windows features. I'd really love to add Mac support but I wouldn't count on it, sorry! Thank you for your interest though :)

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Hi, I just switch to a Mac, I have found that a lot of games that I want to play now are Windows only(not that I could run them on my old PC anyways, due to no RAM and administrator Permission on my user), I would be willing to try to schedule a date to let you remote access my computer to make a Mac port, if it means more games like this can come to macOS!

Edit: Idk if Itch will notify me so you can use the info on the contact page on my website just incase, you don't have to follow the instructions on the page, just message me, tell me from Itch, tell me the name of this game and I should remember, and then I can try to find a time that I'm available to let you use my Mac!


Really cool app!

What if you implemented wrap around? It woul be cool to go off one end of the screen and show up on the other side

Omg of course!  Why didn't I think of that lol. Thanks for the tip! :)


This is GENIUS


I discovered another fidget toy for when my all my mouses are broken!!!

you can implement steering wheel controller to make steering controller acts as a mouse pointer.

cool and good, extremely novel duper juber real awesome idea!!!


Interesante!! me pregunto que mas se podría hacer con este concepto...


Just try to draw with this it's... really fun x'D (use the mouse button to draw, not spacebar)



really mazed btw ^^ how did you make it?


Oh my god this is amazing! Thanks for sharing :D It's using a bunch of windows api calls. I made it in unity! Look up "unity transparent window" and you'll find a thread with more info :)


It doesn't work properly with my 4k monitor using 200% display scaling.

It works in the top left corner of the screen and if I drive outside of the 1920x1080 area it will cease to display.

Sorry to hear that, this was made very much with 1080p in mind.


4k support would be much appreciated! :D

Yes yes, please, make it resolution independent! (^_^)

yeah, mine only works in top left corner but its alright because its super entertaining anyways, lol. i can make mini race track :D


I love it! Some thoughts i would like to be able to type while drawing. Max speed is kinda slow for traveling long distances ( from left to right). Also I vould like to be able to re-enter my car after i parked it. 

I would use this in serious bizniz for long periods if could do these.

Thank you! Typing isn't possible because of the way the focusing works I'm afraid. You can always use escape to type stuff and click on the car again to use it again :) I'll look into a nitro or something for long distances! Thanks for the feedback!


Cute concept! I was kinda expecting the car to follow the mouse from the screenshots and such, but apparently, it's the other way around. Neat idea! Oh, and consider this a feature request: make it so that when you hit tab, the car follows the mouse around (not teleportation, driving). I'm still wondering how you managed to make a unity game that runs without a visible window. It's really impressive!


Thank you so much! I have some ideas on what to add to this as well. Thanks for the feedback :D I might publish an update in the future who knows!