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loved this, incredibly haunting experience

Sometimes I wish I could remember my dreams just as well


Very cool game! i really enjoyed the weirdness of it all :)

Very cool


Makes me wish I could remember my dreams with such vigor and vividity

A Great Short Game About Dreams.

Reminds me of some of mine haha

Great game!!


Timbers? Shivered. Great game. :)


absolutely loved this, best transitions i've seen in a while man



A strange and familiar looking space. I am biased having played so many of your games, but I honestly like the liminal spaces with an almost familiar atmosphere as you wander through an almost scary world lucidly. I have never played a dream emulator but I think this was an excellent taste of what they are like!


thank you so much!!! i'm really glad u liked it :)) wish you can one day realise your dream of making games about your dreams one day

I appreciate you :) thanks!

Short but not bad. Made a video on it.


This game is probably the most authentic LSD Dream Emulator fan game I've ever played. You nailed the look and feel to it all...the footstep sounds, the aspect ratio, the D-pad controls, crusty quality audio and textures, and of course the little surreal vignettes that are only vaguely connected. Fantastic and memorable work, as always!


is there anywhere i can listen to the music of this? specifically the phone maze, it's all very well done

this is so cool. such a neat and inventive concept

loved it


As a fan of the psx game LSD, I really enjoyed this game. I would love to see this expanded upon at some point. I felt that you captured a perfect atmosphere and vibe throughout the game.

I played this on stream check it out!: (1:00:44)


Since a few people asked, here's the controls:

Left arrow: Turn left

Right arrow: Turn right

Z/W: Forward

S: Backwards

A/Q: Strafe Left

D: Strafe right

Alt+F4: Quit game

I cant get past the first room how do you interact with things?


Walking is the only way you interact with the world. Take a look around the room, look for anything out of the ordinary, and try things that don't work in real life.


I was afraid while playing it. it was awesome!!

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Deleted 2 years ago

Can you update this game by adding Main Menu, Settings by pressing Esc & Mouse to Look Around & more Places to explore this game with endings?!









Deleted post

did we play the same game

Deleted post


my mouse and esc button dont work in this game

the only thing that is good are the sound effects

there is no mouse, you use the arrow keys to move your vision


i loved this game :)


This is a really faithful interpretation of the LSD Dream Emulator aesthetic and quite well-done! I did a playthrough of the game below: 

Some thoughts about the game - 

You nail the strange vibe of semi-animated but fairly static elements that created uncanniness in LSD. I think the tsunami, the door opening in the mirror, and the cars were all great examples of harnessing this effect. 

Your concept for the first mirror level was the best. I think it's great being able to play with players' expectations and use visual tricks to create that dreamlike sense of disorientation. I also like the implication that the shadows inside the mirror are just a formless void, without any light. 

I hope you keep creating strange and uncanny little experiences like this. There's a lot of interest in them and they make for fun experiences. 

- FSV 


well i cant say playing a guys dream is certainly interesting lol jk it is pretty interesting to be honest i think many other people should make games based on their dreams or nightmares thatd be cool


Love it


I've never been genuinely scared at all by a game but this is true horror

the atmosphere

the ambience

the fact that it was scary without needing jumpscares is very impressive.

you always find a way to make great horror games


Good Stoner game

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i cant put how good it is into words so just play the game


-Made a Video.


Thank you for providing a link to the soundtrack :D


scary af


I found this extremely effective. 
My own dreams have always taken on a more unsettling or nightmarish angle, especially when I was younger, and I've really wanted to bring my dreams to life for others to experience, because they carry a lot of elements that work well in this type of exploratory game, or a game like Penumbra: Black Plague where you have to avoid being spotted by roving creeps and monsters.

I'm really impressed by the attention to Playstation 1 style graphical limitations and the slow tank controls. For a game that isn't asking the player to interact or run from things, tank controls work really well.

I'd be curious to learn what methods you used to craft this.


Thank you! I'm glad to know someone else has these kinds of unsettling dreams that are not necessarily nightmares, but just very ominous in retrospect. I agree tank controls work so well for walking sims! Adds like an extra layer of depth to the walking, you know?

The game is made in Unity btw, I used Modus Interactive's PSX shaders, but I recommend using the Haunted PS1 Render Pipeline! The skyboxes are just tiling images put on a canvas at the far end of the camera's render frustum that rotates when you turn. The PSX shader also had the option to only render things from a short distance and cut it off per polygon which gives it that nice crusty low render distance feel. :)


I love that someone has invented render pipelines just for demakes and such. It really is a special experience to play something that feels old.


The music in this is so good, especially that hold music! The game itself is very cool and sometimes pretty creepy, especially when the headlights are coming towards you with very strange music playing. My only issue is that I wish I could listen to some of the music for longer! Any chance of you uploading or sharing the OST in the future please? 

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I really love the visuals and music in this game! The beach level is my favourite. If it is possible, could you share the music file of the level with us please? Thanks!

why microsoft defender and virustotal puts: this file has a virus?

I have the same problem:/


hey guys! the problem is that the developer isn't a verified microsoft developer! if you're getting a smart screen popup, hit "more info" and "run anyway"!


THANK YOU AUDRIE!! she's right by the way, it's just microsoft being a meanie :(


I read "run anyway" as "run away" I was very confused for a second lmfao

same i read stuff too fast sometimes and i get the message completely wrong pff

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