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Since a few people asked, here's the controls:

Left arrow: Turn left

Right arrow: Turn right

Z/W: Forward

S: Backwards

A/Q: Strafe Left

D: Strafe right

Alt+F4: Quit game

I cant get past the first room how do you interact with things?

Walking is the only way you interact with the world. Take a look around the room, look for anything out of the ordinary, and try things that don't work in real life.


I was afraid while playing it. it was awesome!!

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Deleted 51 days ago

Can you update this game by adding Main Menu, Settings by pressing Esc & Mouse to Look Around & more Places to explore this game with endings?!







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 I'm aware you are using a non QWERTY format keyboard setup by the fact I have to press Z to move forward instead of W. That is acceptable but what isn't is you never informed the player who, like myself, has a QWERTY format keyboard of this difference.

The controls, or lack of documentation concerning them on the game page, really killed the experience for me. Sorry.


did we play the same game

What do you mean? There appears to be only one version and it has that keyboard issue.



my mouse and esc button dont work in this game

the only thing that is good are the sound effects


i loved this game :)

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