The classic Twister  game on the comfort of your own keyboard!
Made for the 43rd Ludum Dare.
Post-Jam Update: 
Fixed music loop and made desktop version!

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Music is Paper Airplane Chase Menu Theme
Copyrighted by Nintendo


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KeyboardTwisterv0.3PostJam - 19 MB

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It was a really game! A little disappointed since at some point the inputs stopped registering on the keys it wanted but it was still fun

 (Probably just my sucky keyboards fault)

Super divertido por cierto lo descubri de un tik tok al juego 

Heyo! I wanted to let you know that on some devices, your games will not display on HTML5 versions. 


sometimes on the web version it doesn't register when i press a key sometimes, i don't know if it is only on the web or if it will happen in the downloaded version

actually, most keyboards (including the one you probably have) can't register most inputs of regular keys


This game is perfect

Wow, thank you!!


are the keys randomly generated, or did you just put a loop of other keys?

Just randomly generated :)


Fingers aren't supposed to work like this


What does this run on? Python? Lua?


I made this in Unity, so C# that is


Very clever concept. Had a lot of fun playing it, even with my keyboard not working at certain points. My laptop allowed me to use all keys better. This is one of the more creative ideas I've seen on in a long time.


Thanks, I'm glad you liked the idea! Your video was great, short and snappy, I like it :)


My keyboard failed me DDDD:

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My keyboard could not handle some of combinations haha. I think I need a good gamer keyboard to play your game :D

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hahah, if your for real get the corsair k55

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I could only press a max of 4 keys before it stopped registering. Firefox and a Mac. Other then that I very much enjoyed the aesthetic and music. Nice job!

That's a hardware limitation I'm afraid! Thanks for playing and glad you like it :)

It does not register my keyboard inputs at all. I cannot even press the first letter.

That's weird, which browser are you using?