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this was such a good short horror, got chills

That was intresting!!

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очень классная идея и концепция, игра особо сильно не пугает, но зато давит атмосферой


Any chance that a Linux version of the new Demo could be made... pretty please?? ^^

he is not your friend, but he is your map

Cool concept. Would love to see a longer version with some kind of story weaved in!

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for the very first part i cant seem to find the 3rd orb and im very confused lol

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Is it okay that Windows Defender doesn't let the game to start?

It's perfectly fine. Most of the games on here will have Windows Defender give you that warning. Just click "more info" then "Run anyway"

Thank you. Do you know why does this happen?

Not too sure, my only guess is that because it’s an application downloaded from an online site so it’s just doing its thing by warning you of any possible dangers, which there are none


wow! not going to spoil it but have patience and get to the end frfr

this game is really cool

hey not bad

Holllyyy shiitttt... Not gonna spoil anything. Play it. 

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Very good game streamed it on twitch, was short but good for what it is.

man this game is so good

love it


I loved this game so much, i just wished it was longer!

The ending was a little bit sad, though. 

ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )✧ 10/10!


Interesting concept! Just wish there was more  


the yellow man is behind me :)


Heeeeeee's right behind me isn't he?


H- hes right behind me... Isnt he.....


i'm stunned, this was absolutely incredible! this was SUCH a great atmosphere and concept, i think this is by far one of the best small indie games i've played. honestly, thank you so much for this experience! also, having it download as just a .exe without needing any .zip files/etc was a really good immersion effect (:

Прикольная игра но тож короткая жаль (

This is my video!!!

 The game is very good, i hope for a sequel or an update, the ideia of bizzare maps, like google maps/earth cursed locations

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i speedruned the game lol


I love the short can create another map😀👍

Ícono de validado por la comunidad


Had an absolute blast with this game! 😊 I know this games been around for a couple years, but there is definitely a lot that could be done with this concept! Could totally make a full length psychological horror out of it! Keep up the great work! 👍

If you’d like to see our play-through, check out the video down below 👇 


loved this game

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nice little game. The virus alert just adds so much to the experience. You enter the game already feeling uneasy. Loved it

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What a cool concept! This game is really cool

I read a little bit about this case and I felt very sad...

I can't play because my computer thinks it's a virus and won't let me play, someone help me. PS It's not the blue screen of this application and a threat wants to play, that's not it.
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cant help ig

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Whitelist it in your antivirus, or disable it. If it’s the built-in “Windows protected your PC” message, click “Run anyway”; if that button isn’t there, check your Defender settings.

Really, you’ll want to try the support channels for your antivirus software to find out what to do about false positives.

I don't wanna find that Geocache...



Such a unique concept of turning what is supposed to be Google Maps into a horror experience. It's very refreshing. I could see a bigger game being made with the idea that was done here. Awesome work!


So unique and well done! I love how the story is introduced. Such a short playtime, but it stills leaves just enough time for the horror to develop.


why do i keep going upside down :(


My windows defender stopped me from opening the game. Is it safe to ignore the warning? I am really scared of a virus


that tends to happen with all itch games i've downloaded. i ignore the warnings each time and haven't encountered any games on this site that have given me an actual virus yet. i've played some other games by this dev before and they seem safe, so you should be good!


almost a year ago, i played this and got a text immediately after the game crashed that my childhood dog had gone instantly missing and we never found her. i don't blame you for this but i just thought that was interesting. maybe make a game that doesn't spirit dogs away. or do. that could be a selling point maybe

I hope that's just a coincidence. Anyway my empathies 


I got to admit, I was impressed with this. Refreshingly original. You nailed it with its atmosphere and creepiness. I would love to see you take this concept to a full fleshed out game. Here is my blind playthrough if it helps.

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I enjoyed how the story came together, with each location blurb, and the gradual reveal of the AI's persona. I like the duality of the uncertainty whether the AI is hostile or if the AI is just trying to console the player. After playing, I think the AI might be the player's guilty conscious and self-forgiveness. 

The only thing I'm left confused about is the transition between the three environments. I'm not sure if the player is just in denial about the facts surrounding the accident or if the player was trying to plan a vacation to heal but their mind started to wander and wanted to revisit the site of the accident.

If I were to give constructive feedback, I'd recommend a main menu or settings panel in-game that allows the player to toggle fullscreen mode and set volume. An accessibility option to turn off field-of-vision panning (moving cursor to bottom-left causes camera to slowly pan bottom-left with a delay) would be a nice addition too, since it can be disorienting. 

Thanks for sharing your game with us!


Soo good!! A different technique to be played made a differentiated gameplay great job, the most bizarre is that there are these coordinates in real life and there is no explanation about them makes everything very mysterious

Gameplay PT-BR

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