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This was like your other game: a creepy little experience. Thanks a bunch!

Very Unique Experience Just wish it Was Longer 

This was a very unique and creepy game. I enjoyed it a lot. Keep up the great work! 

Very cool game from a super cool Dev, 100% recommend!

vety good game, it was amazing

This game was amazing! here's what i did with it

Great game. It really creeped me out and I love how unique it is.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 00:35

:( it wont let me download it

Love this! A google maps horror game lmaooo

awesome and super original!

That was so cool and original. I love that retro feeling of these old Windows programs

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Fun fact! Every address in this game is real you can look them up none of them is fantasy/made up, so Wesmater, IL, Adkare, DZ 12°05'20.0"N 104°09'05.0"E exist the facts from the game is true it should have been you.

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I like this horror

You wanna know what's better? The addresses in the game is actual addresses in real life, which makes it more terrifying because I think you know the end to it

Loved this game! Felt a bit short, but I feel that might be fitting for a horror game such as this one. I could imagine it would eventually get bland just continuing through these locations.

I really did love this game because of how unique it was. Who can really say they played an indie game that was based off of Google Maps? That's crazy unique! I will however note that I was confused for the first few minutes of the game because I didn't know how to get the Discovery points.

Glad we finally got a google maps horror game!  Really well done

I liked this! I had no idea, until after the I played, that this game was made by the same person as No Player Online!

Google maps gone wrong, amazing 

Simple bur effective. I like that

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I like horror games like this, where instead of following normal tropes to get youtube views, it is more ambiguous as to what the conflict even is at first, and it is creepy in a suspenseful way rather than an oh look ooooo spoopy gost did i get u did i get u!?!??? JUMPSCARE!!!! Woah! scary gam!

It hits more like following a disturbing internet mystery of some sort then a generic horror game where they are checking boxes "Ghost or something, check. Haunted house or some other cliche setting, check. jumpscare, check." And the exposition is not in a cheap scare or a *main character dies the end*

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Super well made! Graphics and sound design were top notch. It didn't overstay its welcome either. Well done. :)

I really liked the idea you had for this game, definitely a unique game. 

I didn't find it particularly scary but it was an interesting experience!

Check out my video 🙂


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All I HAVE to say is this is a MUST! play

for the dev: Keep up the good work

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When i try to download it says MapFriend.exe isn't commonly downloaded and i have to trust Mapfriend.exe before i can open it, can anyone pls help? 

the spooky

This game has such a creepy vibe to it!

I loved this game so much, and the story is amazing too. Keep up the great work, Papercookies!


Outstanding idea


I did not expect to go down that rabbit hole again, but what an amazing game! I loved everything about it. It is so unsettling and the presentation is top tier.

I would love an extended version with this type of gameplay, a GeoGuessr - Google Maps type horror game. All I can say is that this game is brilliant!


Really neat game and great video! Love yu

i liked it. definitely not what i expected but i enjoyed it 

A short and great game <33


what  way to transmit this suspense and terror trough the gameplay and indisputable 10/10 love even the details of flashing text and images 

Definitely an interesting game.
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its base to a true story
12°05'20.0"N 104°09'05.0"E
finish the game first before pasting this on google maps....

(u  guys know about this right?)

What's the story? I can't find it on google. Can you explain?


so there is a plane called mh370 that fly at march 8 2014 suddenly disappeared, some parts of mh370 were founded at july 29 15, the bulk of the aircraft is not founded yet, mysteriously if u put the cords I commented at google maps u can see a plane (crashed or not idk) in the middle of south west of Cambodia, Thoery says that its mh370, welp idk  

Wow, I feel like The last photo in game is inside the plane

Also I don't understand why the little fella (Map friend) is try to say that you were supposed to die

Probably Survivors Guilt

Heres my understanding of it:

say you're at a nightclub and tragically a dude comes in with a gun and kills (almost) everyone except you. in that club, your friend dies. there is a phenomenon where people feel as if "it should have been them" instead of your friend, and it leaves people with horrible "guilt" that everyone died but they didnt.

btw this may be wrong in some places because this is my interpretation of it so feel free to correct me.


It did catch me off guard, but when I saw the last image I knew it felt familiar to me

amazing game but the controlls are so sloww and anonging but i guess it builds suspence . i hate horror games that have huge loud jumpscares





very good game i love it i got wonder what happens next lol

malaysia airlines flight 370 moment


Can you please put a zip file pls, thanks.


this is super creative and well executed :}

Good game

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