Arrow keys to move.

Submission to a youtube jam where everyone had to jam off the same art kit.
Art kit used: Micro Roguelike

"METAMAZE is not exactly a scary game in the traditional sense, but it certainly raises some existential dread." - Dread XP
"A multidimensional oddity well worth checking out." - Alpha Beta Gamer

game by adam pype
game-a-month #23

Updated 7 days ago
Published 10 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Horror, Minimalist, Narrative, Short


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Very neat. Interesting mechanics along with the story. Would love to see the idea fleshed out more.

consegui bugar o game

meu boneco entrou  na plataforma quando eu revivi


wow,good game



got stuck


Haha wow, how did you do that?


I’d tell you if I knew, it just happens. Very nice game 9/10 loved the color pallet aesthetics :)

This is such a cool concept and well executed, well done!

you get what you get and you dont throw a stuck forever in a third dimensional fit

no lie, after Recording the ending 

stuck with me and I thought about how terrible it would be to be in that situation.


An incredibly refreshing Meta-Postmodern game that hits me on a very deep level <3 <3 <3 


Thank you!!! 😭

Gave it a go, had fun


Very good, at first I didn't give anything for the game, but in the end i was on the edge of my seat. I liked the ideia of control two dimensions at once and the way you built up the tension.

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Fantastic as usual! 

Here's a playthrough of of the game:

Thank you!!

Loved this! It's a really nice switch up on the player and the narration/questions being posed really did add that tinge of horror. 


Wow, this is good. The mechanics felt nice, it felt unnatural at first to control two dimensions at once but it didn't take long until it felt second nature. Fun! I'm really fond of the touch of psychological horror. If I close my eyes and place myself in the character's shoes, I really am horrified.

Well done!


Fun idea! Sound design is great as always :D and I liked the narration. Think the concept could've used a bit more exploring as the game comes off a bit empty once you get the hang of moving. A nicely done short game though!


Lovely short game!

Recorded a full playthrough here:

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I'm from the fifth dimension - I can confirm that life over there is just as flat and boring as it is in your dimension.


A really good game, I especially love the sound design, the only thing that I'd change is the fact that text boxes can appear when you're in mid-air, which can get quite annoying. But overall, a great game for a game jam!


I thought that was intentional and funny. Like, really, here? lol


This game concept is interesting and fun to play! Good job.