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Very interesting game.

It's a neat take on how a 2d platformer character could influence something in the third dimension.

And it also serves as a reminder that while folks tend to dream of greener pastures, you can never be certain of what you'll find on the other side.


What I found kind of funny is that even while "3D" the character was still technically 2D. Sure, the perspective seems 3D, but the walls and the character sprite all still look 2D, and the character only ever moves in 2 dimensions. It's almost as if the character can't even imagine a 3rd plane of existence...

Anyways, I really loved this game! Pretty good writing and interesting mechanic (though the infinite respawning without any consequences made it seem a bit trivial and tedious). The platforming section was really fun, and the maze had a great atmosphere, I could totally see that part getting turned into an actual horror game. My only issue was that I had to start over once because my game was bugged and wasn't progressing to the 3D phase when I stood still, but it took me quite a few minutes to realize that. It was my first time playing, so I just figured it was part of the game and I was supposed to keep going or keep waiting until something changed. Restarting fixed it though and the 3D part triggered no problem.

A neat little game 5-10 min with a 3d gimmick.




i love this game for as short as it is, even though people say it's a platformer  even though it is not. it's not a 3D maze game either, it's different. the story OH THE STORY I loved it., it shows to be content with what you have and the way they do it is AMAZING.

in conclusion i give it 5 stars


Nice! Fun progression, although I became lost a bunch :D


I enjoyed the game it had a cool story I played the web version and it ran very smooth which is often a problem with the web version i would recomend this to a friend if i had any

nice platformer

but the 3d maze part is hard to control

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ugh...oh ugh-
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I enjoyed the small lesson about being careful about what you wish for. Papercookies in the near future  I plan on playing your other titles. Thanks for making Metamaze.

Pretty good game! The simplistic art style fit in with what the character was experiencing. I liked the decent movement as well!

hey guys is the game suppose to close on me as a black screen because it happened to me and I don't know if the game is done or not

It's done mydude




awesome experience, i have never seen befor something like this


excellent stuff! kind of a shame to leave it at that, i'd be glad to see more!

This game was really unique and had a great sense of foreboding. Really recommended! I played it on stream and made a highlight if it's helpful to you or anyone thinking about playing.

Amazing game! The ending really scared me there.

Show post...

Retro and fun

3:41.14 Speedrun

I got stuck in an infinite loop of going right?


Me too

Maybe go for lunch?


you are supposed to stand still and you will enter lets say the 3d world.

Very cool idea and game!

Really rad game! I really enjoyed it! Out of curiosity, why do the words bounce when you scroll up fast? It's very cool!


Such a cool idea!! Just kinda getting into game dev myself and I was wondering how you got the 3d visuals to look like they do?  Specifically the way the lighting looks is just so cool

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Amazing game! But I found an glitch that if you are in a box and jump and go to right fast and then fall and then you are again above the box if you keep going right somehow because of the camera it will put you inside the wall. Here's the picture:

Very interesting game! I absolutely love this style of mystery and uncertainty in games. Very well put together and super unique. Sounds were great too. Awesome work!

Waiting for the sequel, where we manage to escape into 4D space.

Metamaze starts at 4:05.

Very neat. Interesting mechanics along with the story. Would love to see the idea fleshed out more.


consegui bugar o game

meu boneco entrou  na plataforma quando eu revivi


wow,good game


got stuck


Haha wow, how did you do that?


I’d tell you if I knew, it just happens. Very nice game 9/10 loved the color pallet aesthetics :)

This is such a cool concept and well executed, well done!

you get what you get and you dont throw a stuck forever in a third dimensional fit

no lie, after Recording the ending 

stuck with me and I thought about how terrible it would be to be in that situation.


An incredibly refreshing Meta-Postmodern game that hits me on a very deep level <3 <3 <3 


Thank you!!! 😭

Gave it a go, had fun


Very good, at first I didn't give anything for the game, but in the end i was on the edge of my seat. I liked the ideia of control two dimensions at once and the way you built up the tension.

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Fantastic as usual! 

Here's a playthrough of of the game:

Thank you!!

Loved this! It's a really nice switch up on the player and the narration/questions being posed really did add that tinge of horror. 

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