UPDATE: the game is free now :) thanks to everyone that bought it before! Please download the full version below, the browser version is just the demo!

"The end result is silly fun, but it’s also a chance to think about video game standards and what it means to break from the mold."
- Kotaku 

"Mobius does an amazing job of bringing puzzling dimension to flat platformers while creating a challenging experience." 
Indie Games Plus

  • Loads of mind-numbing levels on different kinds of mobius strips.
  • Two mobius strips, because one wasn't enough!

Game by Papercookies
Music by LFOB
Logo Art by Maruki

9th submission to Game-A-Month


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MOBIUS - Full Game 23 MB
MOBIUS - Demo (Downloadable Version) 18 MB


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morbius !


loved this game, named my cat after it lol

haha omg no way, say hello to little mobius for me!!


morbius strip?!?!?!?!?!

this is fantastic omg


It's mobin' time

Not to be confused with earth, the name of Sonic's planet in the games.

Mobius is the name of a fictional planet that appears in several spin-off media for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Mobius is considered one of the common elements for early Sonic canon, adopted mostly in Western regions, with several Sonic television shows, books, and comics taking place there; the original Sonic games for the Sega Mega Drive, and later the for Sega Game Gear and Master System, were also said to take place on Mobius.

funni game with the name of a planet in sonic the hedgehog

its meant to reference a möbius strip lol


Simply amazing, nothing better than being able to venture into a möbius strip, I loved the idea, great game!
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this is so silly i love it



such an awesome game.


the two complaints i have are 

jump feels floaty

and controls for turning the strip are hard

brain hurt


DOES work on Steam Deck


wow... i should add a steam deck verified sticker on the page




games that take part in non-euclidian spaces are so cool. The shrinking mechanic added another layer of mind screw, it's great

(1 edit) (+1)

COOOOOOOOL! now make a game with Klein Bottle 😀😀😀

The jump is a little janky but overall a really interesting concept,and a fun game

I bent the morbius strip and my braincell.


MORBIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like the style of this game



*Moebin' ? ;)


i love the part in mobius when the character says "it's mobin time"


Its Mobin TIME!1!111!


mobius? more like morbius


really cool, though most of the time was me just trying to figure out how to turn the mobius strip the way I needed it, just so I could see .

Very clever

Cool and hard game








i just mobed




haha morbius


This is so good!!!


i morbed all over this game


its morbin time




we love morb


i read this as morbius

(1 edit) (+2)

pilates helps

-morb man 2022


i love when he mobed all over those people


Oh yeah, its morbin time

*mobin time


This game deserve 100 mobillion dollars

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