DISCLAIMER: if the browser demo isn't working correctly, you can download the demo below instead.

  • Loads of mind-numbing levels on different kinds of mobius strips.
  • Two mobius strips, because one wasn't enough!

Game by Papercookies
Music by LFOB
Logo Art by Maruki


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MOBIUS - Full Game 23 MB

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MOBIUS - Demo (Downloadable Version) 18 MB


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I very like your game ,the performance was just as good.

I'd love if you take a look at my games as well. 



Wow. So impressed by the concept and how well it is pulled off. This game really blew my mind (and continues to). I don't even know how you'd begin to code something -- simple yet so complex. Grats dev, this game is rad.

Wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


This is really fun!  Love the way the music picks up during the eye portion.


i would like be able to play the demo with my gamepad, but i only can move and jump with it. I couldn't move the camera :(
btw, this looks awesome


Is this the group from The Evil Within? xD

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Am I supposed to see something in the demo? I hear steps when moving and see the controls text, but nothing else?

EDIT: A screenshot of what I see

This is weird, I'll try working on a fix. It should display correctly in Chrome, if you have that. For now, I put up a downloadable demo, so you can grab that instead! :)

I'm using Chrome, on MacOS if that matters, and I'm seeing the same thing. Speaking of a demo, could you upload a demo for MacOS too?