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games that take part in non-euclidian spaces are so cool. The shrinking mechanic added another layer of mind screw, it's great

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COOOOOOOOL! now make a game with Klein Bottle ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

The jump is a little janky but overall a really interesting concept,and a fun game

I bent the morbius strip and my braincell.

MORBIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like the style of this game



i love the part in mobius when the character says "it's mobin time"


Its Mobin TIME!1!111!


mobius? more like morbius


really cool, though most of the time was me just trying to figure out how to turn the mobius strip the way I needed it, just so I could see .

Very clever

Cool and hard game







i just mobed




haha morbius


This is so good!!!


i morbed all over this game


its morbin time




we love morb


i read this as morbius

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pilates helps

-morb man 2022


i love when he mobed all over those people


Oh yeah, its morbin time

*mobin time


This game deserve 100 mobillion dollars


I love the game, but I seem to be having a small problem. Whenever I open the game, it says "for educational use only", and along with that I can't seem to close it, I had to hard reset my laptop to do so. I purchased it with the racial justice bundle, and play it on the app. I was wondering if this was a unique issue or if there's a fix.

Hello there! I played your game for 4 levels or so. There are some issues I see in the game, I want to give you some feedback! First of all, if I'm not mistaken, there is no coyote time or jump buffering in the game, but those are like platformer 101. Having those   will really help your game. Second, it's easy to die in this game but it doesn't start  fast enough again. It should start instantly. Another thing is that when I press <ESC> I thought I would see a pause menu but instead the game closed. Finally, the game definitely needs a soundtrack!

I hope the feedback helps!  If you don't understand my reasons for the feedback, feel free to ask. I will do my best to explain them further.

The coin pick up sounds remind me a lot of the opening to Rain from Halo 3 ODST. I'm okay with that.

Played this one as well!

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this game is so good :))) well i dont have money to buy but the demo is so good ;) thank you for making this :D
and this is a fanart i made :)

There are a couple comments with several up-votes asking for a linux build. Could you pretty please make a Linux build?


I enjoyed Mobius so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)

A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!

where's the soundtrack


Dang, missed out on the sale by a day! Guess I'll just have to support you now :P

<3 <3 <3


Great work… when's the next iteration coming?

we might do another one next year!

wow! visions of mathematical psychedelia are getting printed under my eyelids already.  looking fwd

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