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I love the game, but I seem to be having a small problem. Whenever I open the game, it says "for educational use only", and along with that I can't seem to close it, I had to hard reset my laptop to do so. I purchased it with the racial justice bundle, and play it on the app. I was wondering if this was a unique issue or if there's a fix.

Hello there! I played your game for 4 levels or so. There are some issues I see in the game, I want to give you some feedback! First of all, if I'm not mistaken, there is no coyote time or jump buffering in the game, but those are like platformer 101. Having those   will really help your game. Second, it's easy to die in this game but it doesn't start  fast enough again. It should start instantly. Another thing is that when I press <ESC> I thought I would see a pause menu but instead the game closed. Finally, the game definitely needs a soundtrack!

I hope the feedback helps!  If you don't understand my reasons for the feedback, feel free to ask. I will do my best to explain them further.

The coin pick up sounds remind me a lot of the opening to Rain from Halo 3 ODST. I'm okay with that.

Played this one as well!

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this game is so good :))) well i dont have money to buy but the demo is so good ;) thank you for making this :D
and this is a fanart i made :)

There are a couple comments with several up-votes asking for a linux build. Could you pretty please make a Linux build?


I enjoyed Mobius so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)

A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!

where's the soundtrack


Dang, missed out on the sale by a day! Guess I'll just have to support you now :P

<3 <3 <3


Great work… when's the next iteration coming?

we might do another one next year!

wow! visions of mathematical psychedelia are getting printed under my eyelids already.  looking fwd

Hi! I am so excited to play this game, but there is no option for the screen resolution I have, what do I do? (I have 2256x1504) Is this an issue?

nevermind!! i fixed it lol

Hi, any plans to release this game on other platforms, such as Steam?

not at the moment!

I see. Thanks for the reply

Hey, I got your game at that one bundle and I regret not playing it earlier, I really liked everything about it! I have a question, though.
I want to post on Youtube about your game, is that okay? I'm asking because I see "For educational use only" on the corner. What is that about?


Oh lol don't mind that, you're totally free to post this on youtube! Thanks for playing!


Really interesting concept, but frustrating to play because of how easy it is to walk off the edge of platforms when trying to time jumps. Gave up after a few levels of this


This thing ties my brain in some weird naval knot.
10/10 would bend the strip again



I saw this in a vid online before actually playing myself... glad I did myself that honor. Great game!

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I see this is a Unity game, and I understand that Unity can do Linux builds. Is it easy or even feasible to provide a Linux build? Wine is always a slightly inferior alternative.

I can offer some help to make the build if you'd like.


I would also love a Linux port. I can't help, but I fully support this!


I was ready to write this game off as a relatively simple platformer with overly punishing failure states that didnt seem to fit its design, floaty jumping physics and uninspired level design, but oh boy was I off by a mile. The game has some really cool tricks up its sleeve to make this more like a puzzle platformer, where the slow and floaty physics actually end up being appreciated and its ideas and level design actually are the reason I want to finish a level to push on, just to see how they might have expanded this concept in the next level. I dont want to give everything away, but even just the way the levels turn around on itself, giving you a completely unique way to explore a level is an absolutely fantastic mechanic. Unique little Jump & Run gem. 4/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :)


Thank you for making the game :) Teaches me once more to never judge a book by its cover.


Increíble <3 

WOW It was super cool the idea behind it is really fresh and innovative

Using the mouse to view and navigate the mobius strip take a while to get used to, but otherwise I like the game. I'm actually stuck on the second time trial and I cannot figure out how to get to that one platform after using the key.


Hey! Thanks for checking it out :) That level is pretty tricky but you were on the right track. You can jump on the ceiling of the level in that stage, one of the ceilings is lower than usual!


I thought it was very good, the only thing that frustrated me was when I died several times by hitting the sides of spikes on the final level. Really cool game!


Thank you! I promise if I ever make a commercial game again I wont make it this hellish to beat :v)

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Really innovative love it!


Adding time trial coins with a mechanic that forces you to wrestle with your camera is a recipie for disaster, and is really, really annoying to deal with.


Solid stuff!


Thank you :)


had a really good time with this! what i thought was going to be really simple suddenly became a real brainteaser. nice work!!!


Thank you so much!!

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Edit: I refreshed and have been able to run and jump properly.


Very creative app!


Great concept, great music!! GJ! ❤


I just checked out the game! What a unique twist on the 2d platformer. I had to get the word out! Bravo guys!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :D

I very like your game ,the performance was just as good.

I'd love if you take a look at my games as well.


Wow. So impressed by the concept and how well it is pulled off. This game really blew my mind (and continues to). I don't even know how you'd begin to code something -- simple yet so complex. Grats dev, this game is rad.

Wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


This is really fun!  Love the way the music picks up during the eye portion.


i would like be able to play the demo with my gamepad, but i only can move and jump with it. I couldn't move the camera :(
btw, this looks awesome


Is this the group from The Evil Within? xD

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Am I supposed to see something in the demo? I hear steps when moving and see the controls text, but nothing else?

EDIT: A screenshot of what I see

This is weird, I'll try working on a fix. It should display correctly in Chrome, if you have that. For now, I put up a downloadable demo, so you can grab that instead! :)


I'm using Chrome, on MacOS if that matters, and I'm seeing the same thing. Speaking of a demo, could you upload a demo for MacOS too?

And I'm using Firefox, on Arch Linux.
I too see the same thing. And this is in the browser.