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Great game, has so much that it hides. I really like the idea and the ARG type thing that came along with it. Astonishing work. 

Does this game have an MMFAplication?

This was a fun scary game i really enjoyed it 

reupload SCARY but not me

SCARY but not for m



I wish I could play this but it's practically unplayable on my system - the game is almost a slideshow (my system has an i5 4690k, Nvidia 1660 Ti, and 16GB RAM, so this shouldn't be the case)

Recently checked this out again and nothing is showing up on the server list. I was able to play it fine before. I downloaded the recent version just to make sure it was up to date and there was nothing showing up on the list.

Same thing I'm seeing.  I've played this game once, and never saw another server again.

input up up down down left right left right B A Enter on the server screen

Thank you! That worked!

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Unplayably laggy on an i3-2120, 12gb RAM, HD Graphics 3k.



Imagine finding a full server

I have to create a new account just to say that Im sorry, I really want to pay for the game but I haven't had my bank account yet. Im really appreciate about what you are doing. Thank you! (sorry for my bad English)

Same satiuation like yours. so sorry


Same satiuation like yours. so sorry


good game!


You know it's good when the WASHINGTON POST  makes a review

Muy buen juego


doe`s not work for me i (windows version) all i get is  unity logo and gray screen. Any clues?

i'm experiencing the same problem.

okay actually i found out what the problem is. if you're using windows 7 your desktop theme needs to be set to aero (transparent task bar)

thanx i will try it.

Hey! Awesome game! If I can ask, what engine is this in? I don't recognize the renderer. :)

incrible !!!

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Wow, it is great! The simple narrative about an abandoned game with nobody playing is good enough, and the game looks and plays greatly for a unity game. The plot is self-explanatory, loved the game. It also has a hidden ARG behind it which you need to solve to complete the game, i solved the Konami Code and done half of the job myself, great work John!

I actually found something interesting myself which i don't think has been mentioned or found by others, if you will open the 100percent_save_file.sav in paint, it will open up as a .jpg as a painting this image.

A great painting for sure.

I also noticed a bug, or a glitch with the game, where if you go backwards and don't look at the flag direction, John's wife won't touch you and the game will lag, you won't even be able to see it.

Great game, 10/10 but a bit too short.


Is it possible to get this game to work with a controller

Couldn't get the konami code to work on an azerty keyboard under linux...

I ended up deleting the  "~/.config/unity3d/Adam Pype - Viktor Kraus " folder

Can now play the game.

Anyone else wish there was a way to invert the mouse? 

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I thought this was an easy 5 minute casual indie game with no skills required... boy was I wrong... I mean it is - but actually getting to the credits is surprisingly hard...


G̷o̵t̵t̴a̸ ̸g̸o̶ ̸f̴a̵s̸t̴̷̶!
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nice game i like it

this game creeps me out sometimes

Really did enjoy this, would love to see more retro style games like this!

Had A blast playing this. Would really Love to see a sequel to this

Enjoyed this one! 

Didn't know there were (spoilers?)

multiple endings though

I Love this game! I've also made a playthrough of it <3 

Can you make it so it works for mac


03/20/86 is my exact birthday and that adds extra weirdness for me lol 

no way lol


will this game give me any viruses on my laptop?

Hi.I recently purchase the game and I can't install it. I have windows 10.Can anybody help me please? thanks!!

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This game was actually fire lol. I enjoyed playing this game alot, and I do hope that you continue to make more projects. Because I sure would love to play some more


You know when you start up the game and there's a little animation of a VHS tape falling onto your desktop? I've never seen something like that before. Does anybody know how this game was made and how to do something like that?

Great game! Though when I try to shoot, it makes the noise indicating that I'm out of bullets. Is this a bug, or am I just being dumb? haha.

You have to reload, just press "R"

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