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hey, i really enjoyed this and hope to see more horror games from you in the future! I also like the arg esque updates, makes me wonder about the secrets within this game.

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And what's the 100 percent file about? is it like add on content to the game?

This game reminds me of when a game dies, it dies.



someone ported this game to roblox and then the most popular roblox youtuber played it lol


how do I lower the sensitivity?

Guys i have a problem, i love this game but i can't play it beacause my AntiVirus block it and delete it. What i do?

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Uninstall the antivirus...

you can whitelist programs

It Only let me play twice, After those turns it doesnt show any more servers, even if  I download it again.

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Hit Up Up down down left right left right b a on the server menu.


Adam expressed some interest in a possible sequel or extension of the game

hey if the creator is seeing this  someone remade you game on roblox heres the link



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I'm stuck, I shot the eye and now there's just a black square in the middle of the screen and there's no way to exit the game

I'm on Debian if that helps.

my game options are not showing

I really liked the game and how in the first game there was so much lore and mysteries so overall a great gam

It wont let me minimize the game and my antivirus keeps deleting the app


cool game but the dev and dead wife thing is dumb

Hello, having issues with mouse resolution. It is way too sensitive. I can't figure out where settings are to change resolutions or mouse sensitivity. Any thoughts/ideas

Fixed my own problem, here is for future searchers:

I changed compatibility to force 640x480 resolution. Still looks good, and mouse works perfectly, probably a high resolution DPI issue.


why cant i play anything i download? please reply this comment to tell me the issue

make sure you download the .exe file for this game called "NoPlayersOnline v2.0.exe" and ignore the other 2 files

then double click the file once the download is complete and it will start. A purple casette tape thing will appear on you screen. Click it and this game will begin..

not to mention that when i downloaded it it glitched like a mf and i mean to the point it made me feel sick from constant flashing. is there a bug? can i myself fix it by any means??

the game is impossible to download because the process abruptly ends and microsoft suggests me some black magic level sh*t to solve the problem  that never appeared before. why?

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you're tripping homie. Are you using chrome to download?

what... why


Excellent experience, i really loved it so far!  You could make more this thriller type retro games too! It was fun to play!

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This was really interesting and nostalgic. I enjyoed it quite a bit and dug deeper. Was very surreal and I felt a permeating sadness. Was welldone and I liked the VHS aesthetic. Playthroughs are here if anyone is interested :)

bruh did you really not think about reloading the gun lmao

lol I wasn’t aware it could be reloaded for a while xD

I hope this isn't a problem with my computer.... I've tried downloading the game a few times. The first time there was no problem; I downloaded and played the game. Today I tried to open the game to no avail. After a few attempts, the game completely eradicated itself from my computer. I searched all the files and it just isn't here anymore. I redownloaded and every time it just disappeared. I even restarted my computer but the game just won't stay. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

maybe try downloading it with your antivirus off maybe...

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hi can someone tell me what am i suppose to do to find the last code?

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Guys i found something out.

When John_Dev says in the game you should leave, leave. Then directly join again and capture the flage until 3 times again. Then you got freezed by Johns wife at the water. Turn around and let jumpscare. When the chat writes : "John_Dev joined the game", search for an eye at the sky. then shoot it. After that a guy writes up, up, up, down, down, enter. You iwll be back at the server screen. Type that code and look at your desktop without closing the game. look at the file. there is another code called "25467". Go back to the game type "haunt" and the code. There must be a scream. When the scream stopped press esc, join a server and fall into the water. If you did everything right, you landed into a room with a pc. Go to the PC, enter with shooting at the keys: "191421". The code removes the glass to the white flag. Touch it and you are already at the end. What happens after i dont want to spoil.


attention!! can have a puzzle right in front of you eyes...

and if you have solve it search see copy links enter site and you will solveand if you have solve it search see copy links enter site and you will solve


I supported the developer with paypal, but I really like to know something:

I played until I arrived in the part "don't take the blue flag" but  I taked the flag bc I really didn't know what to do, and now of course I can't play anymore because all the servers have been cancelled.

How do I resolve?

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thank you for your support! you can reset the game with the konami code
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → A


it does not work i played it once i could not play it again

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did you take the flag and close the servers? if so, u can reopen them by  inputting the konami code! ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → A

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the camera sensitivity was really high for me . . am I the only one with this problem?


yes you are the only one with that problem

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thank you, that helps so much!

You aren't the only one, I'm trying to see if I can forcibly change my mouse resolution temporarily for this. 1mm of movement makes me do a 180, and I'm no FPS gamer


this is a amazing video and have a feliing creepy

Dunking on dead people since '93. What can I say... I am competitive LOL! Definitely had some great spook!. This play was pretty fun! HEard there is more cool hidden secrets I never got to??? Lemme know what you think!

Showed my gf this one for the first time, this is their reaction


Please help! When i press enter to choose a server, nothing happens. Why?


VERY creepy! I spent a LOT of time playing games like this as a kid and the idea this game just gave me goosebumps the entire time. BRAVO!




I really enjoyed this game and its creepy factor especially the way the gun died on me and the music player.

Wow, nice game! Love the idea, and really liked the VHS shaders. I was wondering where did you take it, or did you make it yourself ?

Amazing game!

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