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I played this one and thought it was super unique. Brought back some memories from the old PS1 or Ps2 games. Thank you for making!

Muy interesante el juego y sus acertijos!

ojala haber estado en el momento de todo

This was a cool game

10/10 would recommend !

Short but great experience.

I keep getting a "download interrupted" error when the download wait time is completed


yall where wondering how to get servers  back just click up up down down left right left right

tysm for the game but i hate the lag lol

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Such a cool concept! I wish there were more to the ending. Please watch until the end and don't forget to hit like and Subscribe if you enjoyed it!

UPDATE: I found out there's MORE!! gonna dive back in!


that isnt the same creator as the one who made this


There seems to be a problem with this game, I've already played it once before, however when I open it now the servers wont show up, and I've tried reinstalling it many times and it doesn't work. I don't understand what is wrong, can anyone help me?


Type in the Konami code (up up down down left right left right B A) and the game restarts


vtuber had a full playthrough of your game here, with help from the chat to be fair 😅

The game starts at 19:40 

The game was very well done for the creepy factor. I really love the lack of jumps cares. 

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Terrific game, I remember seeing it mentioned many times years ago and it was very intriguing and looked very good so I finally gave it a shot for myself. I did not expect such a complex rabbit hole within (I could never have figured out the 'true ending' alone).

Great game, really captures the eeriness of being "alone" in a server meant for CTF. Very neat idea, well executed, wild puzzles. Thank you for such a unique experience! It deserved all of the attention it has received over the years :)


the first playthrough was so good I decided to play it again to get the real ending and I was shocked!


I did everything I could I clicked the tape I heard some weird noise but it didn't do anything I clicked the disk again nothing happened I tried the enter button not a single thing just a sound a complimentary "fuck you I ain't starting anyways" from the game 0/10 for me 


awesome game. I loved the concept!


thanks for this very good game :>

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on Windows it's giving  bad format exe :/

More detailed notes down below the cut (but spoilery), but long story short, despite having a linux version it didn't run on linux very well, and the main ctf gameplay got too repetitive too fast, but if you are going to play it on windows and you like ARG type puzzles I definitely would recommend it. 









This game is neat but it drove me nuts. I thought since there's a linux build it would work ok on my computer - it did not. I ended up going back to playthroughs on youtube to figure out if something wasn't running right or if I was doing something wrong. By the way, in case anyone else here is looking for help, a ton of the ones that say in the title they found all the secrets or endings or whatever are wrong, most of them missed a bunch of the content. Anyways, while running the linux version, it didn't show the arrows video or copy the file to the desktop - although the windows version running through wine did? The secret second game worked up until the video sequence, where it just got stuck on a white screen with vhs effects. I gave up without trying to play through the true ending back in the main game file, and just watched a video of someone else doing it. 

I wouldn't have minded the troubleshooting as much if the ctf portion wasn't so repetitive. Trying to go back and play through it with both linux and windows versions of the game, and just playing again to see if I missed anything or if there was anything I could input in the kicked screen, drove me nuts. Considering each time you have to get through the ctf twice to make sure you see all the content, I probably ended up doing it around 10 times, and by the end, I was just looking for any little detail to keep me going. Did you know the columns near the ramps disappear for a while and then come back once you have the 3rd flag? Because I'm probably the only person who ever noticed that, lmao. If the jumpscares were a bit different when you play through it again it would be a huge improvement.

I really wanted to love this game, and there were a lot of things I did love about it. I know it's a student game and a game jam game and I'm not expecting a 100% polished experience and I swear I'm not trying to trash it, but I thought other linux users having a tough time might find it helpful to read my experience if they want to try to make it work on their computers and do their own troubleshooting. But to balance out the negativity, here's the things I actually really loved about the game: It's really atmospheric, and I'm fascinated by this world in which vhs tapes are somehow a type of game cartridge? And can somehow connect to the internet? I love that. The ARG puzzles were fun, and unlike most, actually had everything you need to solve them still available several years later, which I have to give the devs huge props for. Also, the first time around the jumpscares were perfect, I was so creeped out but not scared enough to stop playing. And the secret hidden game, just the whole concept of walking the dog you never see, is fascinating. I play a lot of random game jam games and this one is really unique and interesting especially once you get into the hidden content.

hey! i'm really sorry for the trouble with the linux version. full disclosure; the linux version was never tested and not recommended. it was actually part of the arg, because the linux version contains a file that the windows one doesn't have. it's by no means actually the intended version to play and linux isn't actually officially a supported platform... my apologies for all the frustration, i should've put out a warning.

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Oooo, okay. Glad it's not just me. I'm playing on Linux and all they guides say to do what the dev chat says and shoot twice and then he will start talking more, but nothing happens when I do. Other guides said to shoot the eye when it shows up, but I can't do that either. I was worried there was a reload mechanic I couldn't figure out or something. 

how to join pls tell me

find that its online


ok, So for the people that say

oH tHe tApE dRoPeD aNd iDk wHaT tO dO 

Cilck the tape

I downloaded the game and it just dropped a tape on my screen idk how play

este juego salio en roblox LOL


Very spooky reccomended

The Game Doesn't work I waited 30 minutes n nothing was happening

I really enjoyed this game

most controversial game ig

I love this game, and the amount of work put into it. if only it was longer, it would be something i would pay to play.


i know the feeling all too well playing in an online game by yourself i use to make private matches in call of duty and halo and role play by myself (sad i know) but sometimes just exploring the map can get pretty creepy and unsettling and actually fearing someone joining my game even though it is set private, so this game hits home for me in a lot of ways. 


Este Juego Esta Para Android 

Very good game (3rd game)

I loved the game! I don't know if there is more to this game, but I'd love to find out lol 1000/10! Second game in the video! 

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loved it !!!

Guys, i just was casually playing, but later somehow did this, and after it like crashed... Idk if that's a bug or a feature, but i'm interested if someone had this thing cause i've never seen it in other videos. I'm so glad i recorded it


bro what did u do...


its a game feature


buenardo game! 👍


Very creepy game with a unique story!
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 Super Great Game but wait this game on roblox 


because the fucker who made it on roblox copied it and stole the idea without credit. this is why i fucking hate roblox.


calm your tits, it did gave credit, look before posting this you dumbfuck.


I dont think he has-


they did give credit, maybe found another game that didnt have credits

It did give credit.

This is a really cool concept!

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I wouldn't rate this a full four stars; 3.7-3.9 if I could.

For a game that had me completely hooked for its first ten minutes, I was disappointed when it let the reel go with its ludicrous ARG. The problem with this game was that one could tell that there was more to be discovered after the "main" ending, leaving me excited to dig for clues. However, the passion for exploring quickly died out after my logical next step resulted in nothing (e.g., scouring the dev logs on the itch page, throwing myself at every wall in the map to find lack of collision, making sure I had found all the dialogue routes). After watching the complete walkthrough video, I was frustrated by the farcical, nonsensical steps required to complete the game.

Though I know this student project undoubtedly deserved its high academic marks, its nerve-wracking ambiance is undermined by its "90s Point & Click"-like puzzle design (i.e., more Broken Sword's Goat Puzzle than Myst). Despite this game being three years old, today's ARGs suffer a similar fate in that they still haven't figured out how to make their puzzles rationally clever. The only way to get closure from many of these experiences is the just wait until MatPat comes out with his video. I'm surprised he never made one about this one...

If you want a more memorable experience, I urge you to check out papercookie's newest game "MapFriend."

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