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"No Players Online sees me, booting up old games, looking for that sweet nostalgia kick, and suggests that maybe I let dead things stay buried."
Rock Paper Shotgun
"..requiring you to wait around inside an empty level for someone else to show up. No Players Online turns this moment into the perfect fodder for a creepy interactive short story."
- The Verge
"No Players Online is a reminder to bring things into the world, to finish things."
- Washington Post
"This would capture the imaginations of amateur internet sleuths—and create a spooky metagame that Hideo Kojima would envy."

also featured on Game Jam Curator, Indie Games Plus,
Alpha Beta Gamer and Youtube.

won student goty @ Belgian Game Awards 2020

more games at @adampi
more sounds at @ViktorKraus2
and even more games at @Ward_Sil
game a month #17


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NoPlayersOnline v2.0.exe 58 MB
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100percent_save_file.sav 253 kB

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pls show me the controls

Very Awesome, Creepy Game!

One of my favorites!

32 bit version?

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This game has LAYERS, forget the 4th wall, this thing breaks through 5, 6, and 7. It's insane.

 I do really enjoy these types of games where on the surface they seem like these quick ones of games but  then reading into it a bit can open it up so much more. 

So much creativity, so many secrets, so much cheating that I had to do. 😂 



this is filled with lore and the true ending is kinda hard to get but this game is fun.

it doesn't work for me


I played this over a year ago and I gotta say, it was not only fun but spooky!  Amazing concept that really drew me in. 


Impressive game! I liked so much!


Great concept!!!!!!!

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How long is the game, it looks pretty cool

Great horror game


This game is legendary.

Really cool game, I love the way this was executed. At first I just pressed esc but then I wanted to see if the wife would still be a dickbag when I didn't even touch her record player and she was still mega pissed so I set her free. I thought the dev would join the game and start killing me to stop me from getting the flag. that'd be a cool idea, he starts off just shooting but as you get better than him he starts cheating with his dev commands. cool game def would play more of it.


This is some next-level creativity. I have had this fear for a long time, well executed. The only problem is that it's very short. I would definitely play a full version of something like this.


Serveers are not showing and I cant go to any server.

I think if you get a certain ending it does that and you cant play it agai


personal website download EYE.exe https://johnmullard.itch.io/eye


yup it was made on roblox and uhhh yeah it 's spooky but i wanna download eyes.exe

I will shut it down safely

No Commentary :)

No Players Online Ending

I got the ending in this video

Something about the environment was extremely eerie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old-school VHS horror effects. Great job! 10/10 spooked. 

lol i love it

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Creepy game, the VHR style is a nice touch. However It won't let me shoot the floating eye. How do I fix this?

Great game, theres also someone made a game just like this on roblox, I played it before I saw this! Great game but also creepy 😶.


damn this is cool and fun i got the true ending

I didnt realise that this is really creepy O_o

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im so confused i cant download it or play it is it bc im on chrome?

Such a cool game! Great nostalgia for the gameplay, and great scares! 

hey, i really enjoyed this and hope to see more horror games from you in the future! I also like the arg esque updates, makes me wonder about the secrets within this game.

yea but my game is broken when i run it its just a blue screen with no servers tell me what to do

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And what's the 100 percent file about? is it like add on content to the game?

This game reminds me of when a game dies, it dies.




someone ported this game to roblox and then the most popular roblox youtuber played it lol


how do I lower the sensitivity?

Guys i have a problem, i love this game but i can't play it beacause my AntiVirus block it and delete it. What i do?

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Uninstall the antivirus...

you can whitelist programs

It Only let me play twice, After those turns it doesnt show any more servers, even if  I download it again.

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Hit Up Up down down left right left right b a on the server menu.


Adam expressed some interest in a possible sequel or extension of the game

hey if the creator is seeing this  someone remade you game on roblox heres the link  https://www.roblox.com/games/5902473227/No-Players-Online


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