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"No Players Online sees me, booting up old games, looking for that sweet nostalgia kick, and suggests that maybe I let dead things stay buried."
Rock Paper Shotgun
"..requiring you to wait around inside an empty level for someone else to show up. No Players Online turns this moment into the perfect fodder for a creepy interactive short story."
- The Verge
"No Players Online is a reminder to bring things into the world, to finish things."
- Washington Post
"This would capture the imaginations of amateur internet sleuths—and create a spooky metagame that Hideo Kojima would envy."

also featured on Game Jam Curator, Indie Games Plus,
Alpha Beta Gamer and Youtube.

won student goty @ Belgian Game Awards 2020

more games at @adampi
more sounds at @ViktorKraus2
and even more games at @Ward_Sil
game a month #17

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(521 total ratings)
TagsFPS, Horror, meta, Narrative, Short, Walking simulator


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I really enjoyed this game

most controversial game ig

I love this game, and the amount of work put into it. if only it was longer, it would be something i would pay to play.

i know the feeling all too well playing in an online game by yourself i use to make private matches in call of duty and halo and role play by myself (sad i know) but sometimes just exploring the map can get pretty creepy and unsettling and actually fearing someone joining my game even though it is set private, so this game hits home for me in a lot of ways. 


Este Juego Esta Para Android 

Very good game (3rd game)

I loved the game! I don't know if there is more to this game, but I'd love to find out lol 1000/10! Second game in the video! 

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loved it !!!

Guys, i just was casually playing, but later somehow did this, and after it like crashed... Idk if that's a bug or a feature, but i'm interested if someone had this thing cause i've never seen it in other videos. I'm so glad i recorded it


bro what did u do...


its a game feature


buenardo game! 👍


Very creepy game with a unique story!
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 Super Great Game but wait this game on roblox 


because the fucker who made it on roblox copied it and stole the idea without credit. this is why i fucking hate roblox.


calm your tits, it did gave credit, look before posting this you dumbfuck.


I dont think he has-


they did give credit, maybe found another game that didnt have credits

It did give credit.

This is a really cool concept!

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I wouldn't rate this a full four stars; 3.7-3.9 if I could.

For a game that had me completely hooked for its first ten minutes, I was disappointed when it let the reel go with its ludicrous ARG. The problem with this game was that one could tell that there was more to be discovered after the "main" ending, leaving me excited to dig for clues. However, the passion for exploring quickly died out after my logical next step resulted in nothing (e.g., scouring the dev logs on the itch page, throwing myself at every wall in the map to find lack of collision, making sure I had found all the dialogue routes). After watching the complete walkthrough video, I was frustrated by the farcical, nonsensical steps required to complete the game.

Though I know this student project undoubtedly deserved its high academic marks, its nerve-wracking ambiance is undermined by its "90s Point & Click"-like puzzle design (i.e., more Broken Sword's Goat Puzzle than Myst). Despite this game being three years old, today's ARGs suffer a similar fate in that they still haven't figured out how to make their puzzles rationally clever. The only way to get closure from many of these experiences is the just wait until MatPat comes out with his video. I'm surprised he never made one about this one...

If you want a more memorable experience, I urge you to check out papercookie's newest game "MapFriend."

thank you for a great experience 

This was a very interesting premise.  It made me really think.  In my video, I did speak about my thoughts and what I got from it.

cool game!

Cool game, although I used up all my bullets and couldn't shoot twice, so ended up giving the flag and now want to play again, but it won't list any more server names, is that right, you can't play again if you f up? sadge

very very nice spooky game! Great! 


This FPS game sucks!! | No Players Online

great concept a longer game like this would be amazing keep up the great work!!

Интересный концепт и сама игра, сделана с душо

I wonder if there ever be more lore to this I really did enjoy this though it got a spot in my series I played your game first I hope you enjoy!

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My gawd, this goes so much deeper than I ever expected 


yes! i'm john!real but other john

Are the models made with blender?

A classic, and one of my all time favorite horror games!


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Cant start the game, the vhs tape just stays on my desktop, until i close the application.

Edit: oh i was supposed to click the vhs. nvm


Whoa, this was very spooky... Love this!!


help pls

uhmm, is this always stuck in the pc cuz i cant delete it-

How can you not delete it?

it keeps saying its still running

restart your pc. it will close everything

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hmmm scawy


Creepy! Thanks.

Ame demasiado este juego. El primer hijo varón que tenga se llamará: "Noplayer Online Gutierrez" Gracias por tanto y perdón por tan poco.

close the server
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