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I love the game, concept, music, everything. Except most of the minigames are way too difficult and don't have instructions. Most are intuitive, since you only use the arrow keys as input, but a little splash screen before the minigame like in WariWare would be a nice touch.

Difficulty aside, I am looking forward to playing this with friends this Halloween season!

Spookware is what it feels to have sudden hypoglycemia for 15+ minutes with the blood glucose being in 30 for most of the time. I can confirm, i am diabetic, 10/10 would have a stroke again.


I created an account just to say how much i absolutely love this game. i cant express my love for this game in words. this game goes to my top favorites easily.  not from the spooky aspect but from  the gameplay aspect it really shines. 

thank  you for this glorious game

thank you so much, that means a lot ♥♥♥♥

Fun to play

I've been missing warioware thanks lil b

this game was pretty fun

yes it was

i agree

me too

bro, same


it is like warioware

(1 edit) (+1)

this game gave me slight spooky dreams for a while after playing this for first time last week but a very good game over all. SP00K/SP00K would download again.  :)

glad I could haunt your dreams 👻

Pour les Francophones !

this is one unique game man, excellent work, i just wish it was a little easier, i did not win any level :)

This game is excellent! Really captured warioware in all paced mini games, great music/soundtrack and good gameplay! Some games are slightly hard but that’s great, definitely doable...eventually! Great job! 😁 

Certain games have high difficulty

i love warioware and i love this!!! seriously such a fun game. absolutely addicting. the only thing is i seriously suck at the abduction minigame

Really cool game but some of the minigames are way to hard, but overall I

had fun!


I have no idea what i just played but i loved it

That's Fun i'm very bad, but it's a great game xd 10/10

Game Will Not Stop Crashing out Of Nowhere... Don't Know What's Wrong With The EXE File

I had a lot of fun playing this! if you want to see if you will like it before you download check out this review I did!

This game is awesome and really polished! Music was great too. Genuinely enjoyed this and replayed it many times (still didn't get very far though). 

I enjoy many Warioware inspired games but you really nailed it.

SOOOO much fun!!! I love it!!! I want more of it!!!

Had to record it twice, but it was absolutely worth it.

Spookware starts at 11:31.

Real talk, please make this a FULL game... levels and all. I will pay money for this kind of game.

Oh my god spooky warioware.. I really hope maybe this gets updated to a fullversion one day!!

Very interesting concept, and very fun also!

So hectic and fun!

This game was SUPER FUN! Couldn't beat it, though. I couldn't figure out some of the other levels. (Game starts at 0:00) Anyway, please check out my channel: VladManThank you!


I really liked it! It really reminded me of Ashley's rounds 😊

My new favorite type of horror games

interesting concept


That was phenomenal, really got my Wario Ware nostalgia going while being its own thing with a great win state ;)


Super Amazing game bro


Really good and well polished. 4.5/5 Nosferatu  faces. Could benefit from a few more jump scares for failures      (since you will at some point fail).   Overall a near perfect spin on the classic manic  arcade. Hope you are proud of this brilliantly fun, funny and spooky masterpiece.


Loved the smoothness of this game. I can spend hours on this game.

Here's how  I played it-


Absolutely brilliant! I had never played these kind of fast paced micro-games (it seems to be called Warioware), and just loved it!

THIS. GAME. IS. SO. FUN! Like, rage inducing fun lol, nearly broke my monitor playing this game but 10/10, will break my monitor again.

Stupidly fun game, awesome callback to those manic arcade-style games, ending made me chuckle :p

So fun but jeez so stressfully quick! Then again i wasn't really good at Warioware either lol! Hope you enjoy my attempt 

Excellent game! 

gameplay here.

What;s for dinner? I mean, lil' momma lookin' like a SNACC over there. >:{)


Super fun with a great style! Would love to see some more minigames if the dev team is interested!

great game! simple and fun, and it's very frustrating and keep making me mad lol, but overall it's fun to play.

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