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Literally the spooky version of Warioware. This reminded me of back in the day on my Nintendo DS. Bloody brilliant. The mini-games are suitably Nintendo-hard.

LOVE THIS GAME! I saw you guys tweet about it and have been excited to check it out ever since. Would absolutely love a full length product with this theme! I made a video for my channel; hope this game gets lots and lots of love! 

the update to this game contains a trojan!

It does?? Do you mean the zip file?

I found this to be surprisingly fun and spent way to much time with it! Played it for a video covering the 2-minute horror jam! FIrst game! 

Is the ending really how it ends or is there a way to 'find the ghost' ? xD - 

Cool idea. Some of the minigames are brutal.

I tried to run the game but then the screen disappeard and I don`t know what to do. I am not blaming you, but it is such a shame I could not play this amazing game.

WOW!! This game was by far one of the most challenging  gaming experiences of my life! I had a blast trying to beat these mini games. Perhaps I'm just trash XD

This was a tough game to beat but it was worth the spent time. Also was that really the ending or is there another one?

Really great game and really captures the feeling of warioware. Including the frustration :)

Couldn't quite beat it. I was completely stumped on the flashlight but once I was done with the video it was obvious what I was doing wrong.

This is brilliant!!! More please 

The game is detected as malware when i try to run it :(


yeahh it's a common issue, it's a false positive. You can try the ZIP version in the downloads, maybe that works better :)

This is amazing. It's like horror Wario Ware. What an amazing contribution.

wow this game has great graphics! Hope you keep working on it!

I love it, a lot! I still play the original Wario Ware from time to time, but this is a nice clone. It has that certain quality to it where you can't mistake that it's essentially a WW game.

(1 edit)

(Second game in the video at 15:02)

One of the best indie/horror projects I've seen in the last few years. Such a good idea, and successfully maintains the sporadic fun of WarioWare, along with effectively presenting campy horror tropes. The art and sound is also just.. fantastic, so pleasing to the eye. This game is absolutely amazing. Incredible work!

SpookWare is one of my new favorite indie games, thanks to its spooky, fun and hilarious mini games, and its willingness to have its own personality. Any fan of WarioWare will feel immediately familiar with SpookWare’s frantic pace and addictive gameplay. It took me a few rounds to get the hang of what each mini game wanted, but I didn’t care. I had a blast, even in my failures. Treat yourself and play this; you won’t regret it.




Really liked this game but It was pretty difficult just like Wario Ware


im not trash trash at this game im only a little trash at this game lmao

UPDATE: I put up a zip version of the game. The .exe version is triggering some people's antivirus. It is a false positive but if you're having trouble excluding it from your antivirus, you might have more luck with the zip version :)

wow the look of game is awesome :) its very fast to play haha but very addictive and challenging

Hey,  just curious about something- when I try to run this game, it says that I can't run it because it possibly has a virus. Any tips? Has anyone else had any problems with this?

hey, yeah seems like a common thing happening with some people. It's a false positive, something to do with the exe being actually a self-extracting zip. You should be able to unmark it in your antivirus to run it.

I had the same thing happen. I ran it anyways, and no issues.


i hate you i love you i wish i knew how to make video games so i could make my weird poems come to life like yours VIVA LA FREAKAZOID


I fucking loved this so much. You utterly nailed the feel of the WarioWare titles, if you make a full version of this I'll buy it day one I swear down. 


Thank you so much <3 I hope I get to make a full version one day. With no less than 300 microgames of course 😤


Thank you devs for bringing back a classic concept! It was addicting, frustrating at some times, but overall very entertaining. Hope to see more microgames added.


Finally something new in the indie games community. I love that this game has 10 microgames. its very different from what i usually see on this site. I love it! I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here u can see my video:


Just about beat it! I loved that final sequence x) The music was really exciting and got me pumped throughout!


Thank you!


VERY very fun! That Ouija micro was one I couldn't do at all though. Had fun figuring out the rest of them.

Looks very funny heh

mt massa


dinner is severed


This was great! Really captures that WarioWare feel.

It is a good game that combines the mechanics of
Wario Ware and horror. :3


Really good game, I'll definitely pester all my friends about it


Haha thank you! :v)

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