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You can only see when you scream. Find the 8 hidden candies.
The ghosts don't like it when you scream.

  • Microphone support so you can actually scream yourself.
  • 20-30 minutes playtime.
  • A secret room
"I've been screaming at my monitor for 20 minutes, and not for the normal reasons."
"A silly spooky horror game well worth checking out – it’s a scream!"
- Free Game Planet


5th submission to Game-A-Month
Game by Papercookies
Sound by Beeebs
Logo by Maruki

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
Tags3D, game-a-month, Halloween, Horror, scary, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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i really wanna listen to just the music, though im not sure if there's any way to listen to just the music

Good and funny game, 7.2/10. But has anyone ever managed to find that 'secret room'? I have no idea where I'd look


omg i didn't think anyone'd remember, one of the walls has no collision

Welp, there's something for me to look for!


Proud to announce I have found the secret room. Was it worth it? Yes.


Wow! You're probably the first person to do it!!! I should give you an award or something


The Mintiest Mouth award

XD I genuinely had to make a cup of tea and rest my throat after this!

I was planning to chill out with some friends and play games online after and had to completely call it off. I'm sure I was being a bit of a quiet wuss and stumbling around in the dark more than I should've, I was just so worried about calling attention to myself!

This was so much fun, just slightly disorienting for me. Thought the graphics were fun and fitting, and the game mechanic, OH THE GAME MECHANIC, it's the reason to tell all your friends over a cup of ginger and lemon chamomile

I've actually said to multiple people: "finally I have a game that lets me use my mouth as an inventory." Think I sold a few people to try it after with that line alone X)

I have to shout louder to play this game, or the ghost will come and say hello to me!

Looking for a new horror game to play, but i don’t do well with jumpscares. does this have any?

hey! it's a cute spin on horror, it has jump scares, but they are usually well telegraphed and the actual graphic is just a silly drawn ghost.


ooo! i might try it out!

Very fun and unique game!

Some friends and I played your game, and it was very enjoyable!


Tonsil Terror

Created by Jaboblu

A very unique perspective to the horror game genre and I love it. Drew the screaming thumbnail for it.


This was very silly and I enjoyed it!

is it available on MacOS?




It's time to scream and see nothing. I got lost and found only *spoiler* candies


Thanks for playing! Great video :D


We played this game on our Youtube Channel! Took longer than we thought to beat it but we were commit ed! 


Screaming was a mistake and I dont know why I did it 😅


man I got so close to getting all the candies, had a lot of fun playing it still, great job devs! 

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ha ha didnt get all the candies but i was having a good time with this game, thank you and also the unique game mechanic was pretty cool ,here is my playthrough of it   as well


Awesome game! Very unique game mechanic and well done visually. I was close to finishing but only able to get 7 candies.


My friend and I saw this and couldn't help but try it out! We had so much fun playing it and couldn't stop laughing. Hope you dint mind but we made a let's play. Thanks for the laughs man!

Haha this was really fun to watch!! Glad you all liked it :)


I'm really glad you enjoyed the video. I'm still working on trying to beat the game x3


I had a blast playing this game! Great job! Check out my video I did on it! :)

Hey you actually beat it!! This was real fun to watch, thanks for checking it out! :)


This game is so refreshing! Truly a unique game! I want more games that try new ideas like this! Awesome game devs! If you haven't check it out! 




Lol...The game in a nutshell 

Hahaha I love this


Had a great fun playing the game. I only wished maybe the mouth would open a bit wider since it was a bit hard to see sometimes where i was heading imo. 

But regardless of that it was a nice fun game, good job! 


Tonsil Terror- 3:51
lol loved the game made my voice sore!

Had a great amount of fun, so I had to make a super sexy thumbnail to go with it


I had a quick play the other day and will play this awesome game  again but not with the microphone on. God Dam cough

This has really taken off by the way.

All the best wobblyfootgamer


Its the last one I played Interesting mechanic just a bit problematic playing it while having dual monitors but aside from that really well done I dig it.


This game was so well made with such good mechanics! Sadly, I didn't find all the candy but I had so much fun!


saw you talk about this on twitter and i had to play it when i saw it on here and it didn't disappoint 

Haha I'm glad it lived up to your expectations! :) Thanks for playing!!


Really nice concept. :)


Thanks for trying it out and making a video about it as well!! :) I'm glad you liked it


This looks hilarious! Really love that Tonsil Terror logo too!