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explore the turnip realm and find turnips to grow furniture.
music by laurie spiegel

"It has a sense of humor and cartoon lightheartedness that we both appreciate." - Edge Guard
"A quirky turnip cultivating platformer that will grow on you." - Free Game Planet

wasd to move
shift to run
space to jump
left mouse to pick things up

3rd submission to game-a-month

made with love

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Exploration, Third Person, Unity, Walking simulator


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Turnip v1.2.zip 72 MB


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One of the most unique games I've ever played! Who doesn't love a story of turnips? A very artistic take on such a strange concept LOL I have been informed I missed a secret, so I do plan on going back through the game to truly complete the game!


nice game, scared the crap out of  me


came across this just earlier today, was an incredibly charming experience!

thank you :)


Made till the end very nice atmosphere, what was the theme for this one?

hey thanks for playing! the "theme" i guess was laurie spiegel's music. I really wanted to make a game based on her work :)


Love this!

Thank you!! :D


Comfy yet mysterious atmosphere with a creative mechanic.

The ending was disappointing, though I did really like the way it was handled otherwise. Not actually sure it was the ending, I just didn't see anything else to do. The mobility option was much appreciated.

Found no collision issues, but trying to walk along ledges was really awkward since it pushes you off near the end if you're walking against the wall. Also, restarting the game after I beat it lead me to spawning at the start with my character invisible and no apparent way to move.


fun game !


i love the effect in this game and the idea is really neat! :D


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)


You make a game called Turnip, I make a game called Rutabaga. I just had to comment here because of that. lol

Rutabaga would've probably been a better name haha.


I debated calling mine Turnip actually, since most know how to spell it. Hell, I didn't even know how to spell Rutabaga at first. I was spelling it Rutabega lol

Damn nice game

lol thanks man :-)