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Typewriter Simulator for Windows 44 MB


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Great stuff. On my keyboard the 8 generates a * not an apostrophe.

Cheeky export to a txt file would be nice :-) and a spell checker.... hang on thats word.

Anyway TXT output would be nice.

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Plz add more typewriter machine...for typewriter simulator...plz plz add this and more language add plz... like Indian Hindi plz plz add this next update add this...and Font size also bcoz font size is very large so plz fix this...and this is one of the best typewriter simulator...great work and keep it up....

Do you have a Korean version? or other languages?


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was really getting into a story and then I ran out of page so I clicked the new page icon hoping it would put my first page on the side and then i realized what I did after it was to late! My eyeballs are slighly leaking that my juciy gay boy in the homicphopice years story is.. GONE. IT ALL GONEEEEEEE.. ;^; I like this and it was peaceful but i'll never trust it again to save my great master peices of storys.

I might try and rewrite it (Without spamming my keyboard)...(Pissed)and post it here but..... i'm heartbroken. ;^;

-^- It was really good execpt the countless spelling mistakes I couldn't erase. You'll (maybe) see.


My gay boy... My precious gay boy is erased...

Oh noo!! I'm so sorry, I should've done a pop-up, my bad! A moment of silence for a fantastic story that will never get seen..

I have determination and re-wrote it  .w.

Got lots of free time cuz locked inside house. It's beatiful but i'm writing second page-o soon. -w-

before you do a new page, make sure to download the page you have so far before you make a new one.


Wow, this simulator has brought back nightmarish memories of keyboarding class in the 90's.  The response (or lack thereof) is perfect enough to get me banging each key like it's the real thing.  The only piece missing is when you mash the keyboard, your mom should have to come over and unjam all the keys that are now clumped together.


This is a promising project, but it's really not responsive enough. I've held physical typewriters, so I know they require a lot of force to actuate the keys compared to my Cherry MX Reds, but honestly I think this would be much more fun if it registered my key press instantly.

Hey John, go into the settings and enable Easy Type. It's a separate mode that will read your inputs directly without having to let go off the previous key for a more "responsive", but I suppose less realistic, typewriting experience :)

I Waiting for a game similar to No Players Online)


Some good stuff Babushka have made >:)


A great lil sim for zoning out and forgetting about ur troubles. 

It would be nice if the typewriter had a "1" key tho.

Still love it


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The model it's based on (the Smith Corona Sterling, 1946) didn't have one. If you want to type  a one, just do a lowercase L :)

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I was in pain when they didn't have any. Never mind just fully read all of your descripsion


I will definitely write a short story using this :)


Awesome! I would love to read it if you do :D


Loving the atmosphere <3 


This is such a nice atmospheric calm simulator! :))

Thank you!!


It's incredibly well made with love, super simulator, neatly working, great job man ! I'm just a little sad there is not the tool to put blank paper or i don't remember what it was on characters to "erase" them ^^

Thank you so much! I put a lot of care into it so that's great to hear :) And yeah I had thought of adding it but eventually decided against it. I might push it in an update. For now you can just print it out and use your own tipp ex ;-)


You're welcome ^^

Definitely the feeling to use a true typewriter !

Ahah that's like even more real like that xD


A lovely lil widget! Has some cute features like ambience and music! By default feels clunky and impactful but if you're looking to write seriously you can try out the east type mode in the options and type to your hearts content! I love this so much!! aa 


Aah thank you Minnie! Also thanks for helping test it out and making sure it's type-friendly :)


As the music person, I'm glad you appreciated the sounds! Thanks for the compliments :)