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I love how when you type fast it doesn't type

thats why theres easy typing mode in the settings when you press esc


playing type writer game while i have my actual remington ram  17  sitting next to me

proof that my version is better than the real thing

doesnt havee the clicking though


i realy like this master piece its very relaxing 

i dont seem to have a number 1?  am i the only one or do others have this too?

no its made like a real typewriter and they dont have a 1 too

huh never knew that, its a waste, i cant write any date with a one. :/

use lowercase L :)

This is not my real homework, just a homework image that I saved with the typewriter text on it

btw fomo is fear of missing out


i type too fast for this typewrite to handle. 


This is not my actual diary entry, this is a story that I'm making (it gets interesting, trust me)

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I tried it myself, and it's really hard to get used to. You can see with the mistakes on my first try here:
First Try

I messed up at the end, what I was trying to say is that my parents used this back in the 1970's.

Pretty cool!


I love this typewritter, the only thing that bothers me is the music just stops playing by itself and cut when finished, i would like to listen to the piano in a smooth way like a playlist and stop it when needed.



The only bad thing is that (as far as I can tell) there is no way to put multiple pieces of paper into one saved file. If I could create .PDF files and use multiple pieces of paper in this, I'd use it in place of word (for the most part) because it is so cosy and relaxing, with the sounds, the music and the clacking of the keys. it feels just so much nicer than writing to word, or google docs or any other text software like that 



I've been thinking, if I ever have the time to come back to this project, I would add a "text mode". Less typewriter-y, but more text editor. Could be nice in-case you want to use it for vibes. Especially for writing little novels it would be cute! Thanks for the kind review :)


Nws! Tho if you ever want any help with it u can hmu, I'm learning unity atm in college (UK college so its the equivalent years of senior high in the US) and I'm looking for projects for the summer anyways so if you ever want to team up just lmk! (I'm more code oriented than anything else btw) 
Keep up the awesome work!!


Ah, thank you that's very kind!! I'll think on it :)


i can't type the 1, h e l p qwq

its like that to prevent cluster,  but you  can type a lowercase l and looks like 1

I just realized (or realised idk which one I'm bad on grammar) that I could zoom in so that I could see what I type much better.


That is a perfect Typewriter experience (who worked with typewriters, will know). Especially I love:
* Being able to write after the typewriters bell rings (I loved the escaping the warnings that paper is out soon)
* By reaching the limits, letters are written over letters, layer over layer
* Fluent movement of paper bail

Thank you.

Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you appreciate those little details :)

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What font(s) did you use for the text graphics of the simulator?  I've been trying to find it/them on various font websites like and others, but, no such luck.

P.S. Also, it's a bummer that you can't print out the text from the simulator on a printer.  I noticed that there are save and load buttons, but no print button.

the font is JMH typewriter

I love it so much!!! It gives the vintage feels too! I learned how hard it is to use it too since I kept making a lot of mistakes along the way and I couldn't delete it hehe. Still great! It gives it a realistic feel!

-I did the last letter of Maria Clara to Crisostomo Ibarra, both from the story Noli Me Tangere by Dr. Jose Rizal.


When reloading some old saves the text seems to be not perfectly aligned do you have any way to fix that ?

J'adore ^^


WOW! Perfect smooth!


this one also


that was a time well spent

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My first mini horror story using this looks great and old I love it, what do yall think?


thinking of you during english isn't the best thing of the century.

get out of my head


Ayee tried my best but heres a small chapter part of a book im writing (Bloxston Mystery lmao)







how can we assist you today?




I love this typewriter


it's a typewriter, it's good

how to enable easy mode?

So, there's no easy mode, but only pressing one key at a time should help. If not, sorry :/


I thoroughly enjoyed myself 10/10 I will be using this program to write my last will and testament in 80 years when keyboards don't exist anymore


modern poetry


i love him


- From Semi Good Typer


Cool game / Simulator :)

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