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This looks awesome!  Any chance for a Mac release?

every game after the first one, right when it branches, straight up crashes at the option

oh no, that's really bad. at what point does it crash exactly? can you give me your system specs as well?

okay it crashes RIGHT AFTER the last line of dialogue (right path ends at the line with morpheous looking ass) (left path ends at the antichrist saying: you can throw you in hole if u want see lucy) , my pc specs are as follow: 4gb ram, cpu is intel celeron n1400 my gpu is a intel UHD GRAPHICS 600 first game went fine

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yes, and if you are questioning how i even booted the game up in first place, the first game ran at 5 fps ( it took me 30 minutes to get past it all ) the other games ran perfectly fine


Hey, love your games! I can’t progress past the very first tape. After talking to Chronos, the cutscene fades to black and exits me from the game back to the menu where you can inspect/play tapes. From watching a bit of someone else’s playthrough, it appears I’m supposed to transport back to the living room with Lucy and be able to choose which location to go from there, but the game always closes before I get there.


after the game closes you should get the option, do you just see the launcher main menu again with nothing happening?


i am facing the exact same problem, yeah, when you finish talking to Chronos, the game just dont give you an option, you just go to the tape selection, with nothing changed

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No, I’ve played through the first tape about 10 times and when it closes, nothing changes about the main menu Additionally, Chronos only had hair in one of the cutscenes… lol

Do you want to join the horror games co-op bundle? 

Hi! The <BE REBORN> game isn't launching. Should I wait for an update?

What happens when it tries to launch?

It just doesn't launch and I'm stuck on the "Play/Inspect" window! It's no big deal though, I can just wait for the next update - I like what you've done a lot!

Pressing the Play button doesn't do anything?


The "fight antichrist" game somehow completely overclocked my GPU and was unplayable.

The most recent version should allow you to progress past the game after launching it once without having to finish it. there's been some reports that game is unstable.

In Sunk Costs, not all of the tv screens are there. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

The showdown game is performing very poorly, it's running with low fps and it's crashing, I was only able to play it when I opened the game manually through the files.

Hey, me and a friend would like to make an lp, but he has an ultrawide and the game is forcing itself to stretch to fit. Can you add a windowed mode to the game? Thank you


Amazing compilation, didn't expect it would be a choice based.


the 3rd branch wont unlock 

i cant get the path to open


can you clarify what you mean? i pushed an update just now can you confirm that the issue is still present in version 1.1

on it

i talked to lucio and then the cutscence happend but the next game does not unlock

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Can someone please explain how the rotating/floating screenshots on this page are done? 🤔 ... CSS? 

Thanks for the game(s)! 💖


Yep, CSS! You can use your browser's inspector to see exactly how it was done, the .screenshot class and the associated .screenshot:hover are the two places to look.

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Thank you very much! I had no idea you're allowed to do this on a page 😅


Hey this is a cool ass game! 


Very cool!

one issue i had was that the volume levels vary wildly between games, some are extremely loud, and having to tab out to mess with volume mixing for almost every game was pretty tedious

other than that i'm having  a lot of fun with it all. It's very captivating!

showdown is crashing :(

I had that problem too but i loaded it again and it didnt so maybe that will work for you too?

no, it  just gives me a fatal error and closes my game everytime

I'm having the same problem 


Can you post the full error message?


This is so dope, huge thanks to dev and hps1 people for making another banger! ->

The decision doesnt show up on the game selection when i finish the animal crossing inspired game, otherwise loving the game so far



C.H.A.I.N was an absolutely fantastic experience. super excited to get started with this one!

Ohhhh this looks great! Can we have a Linux build? :D


same here, the first game doesn't start. I'm on Win11 Home, specs are: 

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10870H CPU @ 2.20GHz   2.21 GHz

Installed RAM 32,0 GB (31,7 GB usable)

How can I fix?


Please FIX otherwise Soloumido will commit suicide


fixed it! please download again now :)


Hi, I tried to play the first game but it didn't run. Is it just my problem?


I am having the same issue

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I have the same problem. The game starts but when I click "play" it says "launching game" but doesn't run nothing. Any help?

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howdy! pushed an update, you can call it a "day one patch", if you will ;) should work now!!


Yes it works now, thanks!

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