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The most stressful phone menu i have ever experienced! Great job on the unique concept :)

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I called the number, the office is closed

Really fun game with an interesting concept, i would like to see another with the phone menu mechanic maybe with dialogue choices that would change the outcome.


For some reason my PC is saying that the game is a virus? Can anyone confirm or help my PC run it if it's not?


Not a virus. I think so. Didn't downloaded yet but planning tomorrow.

first try, get in!



enjoyed the concept despite the fact it was frustrating


this had me sweating, great job :)

Very funny game! Great job!


Really fun idea! Awesome Game!!

Love it! Really Like This Idea<3

Ever since I've played this, I've had a yellow bright flashing number in the top center of my screen (where the last number is in the game). Anyone know how to fix this?

hey! i had reports of this as well before, seems like on some very rare instances some monitors have trouble with the flashing number, but it should heal over time. i'm gonna try and get an update out soon that fixes this!


it's not a virus, don't worry! false flag probably

are you sure about that?


are you REALLY sure?

it's highly unlikely, what makes you think it has a virus? is your antivirus software flagging it?

Pressing 1 and 2 doesn't work without a numpad at the end of the game. Besides that, incredible work on this! I really enjoy these types of games

I had the same issue

Really fun idea! Well, as fun as can be navigating a phone menu. I really enjoyed my time playing it, you really captured the anxiety and stress of being stuck on a phone!

Great game! got it first try (kinda, I restarted initially, because I didn't remember I was chairman,but I restarted from scratch and finished with 25 seconds)

bro's being a speedrunner 馃拃

I have achieved world peace! (on my second attempt)

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I'm looking forward to playing it, but it exits randomly to the desktop during the intro :( I'm using McAfee as an antivirus, but it doesn't notice anything wrong. Is there anybody in my situation? UPDATE: solved. Even if McAfee in the precise analysis of the file told me that all was ok, when I played it detected some bad stuff and also deleted immediately the file. I disabled McAfee for a while and it worked like a charm. Thank you!!

You've said it yourself, you are using McAfee antivirus which is infamous for it's pop-ups and acting like a virus itself.

Really good!

Very funny and engaging. Took me 4 tries, kind of cheating by writing down the codes, but still. I'm going for a fifth, more legit win this time.


Is there somewhere I can listen to the OST? I would live to just play the waiting music for a couple hours.

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I think since it's just a loop, I can make it 10-hours on YouTube.

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Hey! Awesome game. Had a blast playing it with a friend, felt like an escape room.

Are you planning on developing this further? If so I think replayability such as randomized codes would be a fun addition.

a simple and easy to understand game, but which puts you under immense psychological pressure

This was amazing! So stressful but so fun.

This is simply amazing


I have never seen a game that was so stressful and satirical at the same time. Great job :)


Felt like I was back in my old job of having to call up customer assistance with warranties! Really great concept for a puzzle kinda game! 

Great game, managed to get the missile intercepted the first attempt with 5 minutes to spare

Can't play the game, windows blocks it as a virus


I had the same thing, if you just hit the 'more info' button then it gives you an option to run it anyway.

Thanks, it worked


Why does VirusTotal flag the file as malicious?


5 of 65 antiviruses flagging a file as malicious with no description typically is something I assume would be a false positive.

You'd think I'd be more prepared given the situation hahaha but I guess not! I love how you're thrown right into the sh*t show as soon as you begin! It really gets the panic flooding in as you scramble through the phone's menu. The options for additional information is also a nice touch. It makes the experience seem not so simplistic, and it's also a possible game-ender because you're WASTING TIME!

Amazing Work!

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It's a good thing the third iteration of myself had unprecedented psychic abilities before calling. Real cool and tense game, 7.3/10.


Managed to stop the nuke with 0.67 seconds left on the clock, such a nail biter!!!


oh my god. This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you. Really captures the total lack of humanity and respect in automated helplines and automation in the modern world.

Great game showcasing the true horror of automated phone calls with a side of nuclear warfare, very cool


amazing game, did 4 runs just writing all the phone menus down

run 6 took me 1m 43s 43 ms B) altho i did mess up a bit

Had to pee half way through.

Timer had 3.06 seconds left when I was 'really really sure'. 10/10 would play again


The thought of them just having someone chilling out in an interception plane and then being automatically notified that somewhere, there's a high-speed nuclear missile heading toward their country so they just ask for it to be tracked, engage the plane, turn around and zoom off immediately without any acceleration time whatsoever, get back results about the missile's location and catch the fast-moving nuclear missile in those three seconds is so hilarious to me


A Really Brilliant experience that does a great job of building tension.

Its one of the more unique games I've played in a long time. 


In what programming language is this made from?

Unity, C# :)


There is a special place in Hell for the creator of this game lol, but seriously, it's a clever idea and perfectly executed. I love to hate it 馃槀

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