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I remember having fun watching it at BIC.
I want to play in Korean, can you update it? Thank you

I remember having fun watching it at BIC. I want to play in Korean, can you update it?

I got to experience games through the broadcast of a game streamer that I usually enjoy.
The translation localization was so good that on the other hand, I was scared because I had a similar experience. It's a great game.

I was impressed with this game on BIC. Can I download the latest version translated into Korean?

Amazing Game!

had a lot of fun with this one! thanks for the great game <3


Why could I not text the president?? /j
This game was fun even though I hate talking on the phone. I got really into it and decided to take over as King of the US lmao

There is no sound

try the download version! it should be more stable :)


I'm sorry but I rage quit so hard >.< It's because this game truly does replicate the hell of automated systems. 10/10 purely for that realism. 




streamed this a while ago and it was super tense, really enjoyed it


Yo! I have played THREE games of yours so far! No Players Online, MapFriend and now THIS.

Gosh dude, you are amazing in how you present your games. The sound design, the visuals, the tension... all amazing!

Thank you so much! Glad you like them :)

I called the number. 1 (800) 773-7368 aka 1-800-PRESDNT.


What an amazing little game, the tension during the 10 minutes is carried perfectly and the gameplay mechanics are really well integrated. I love everything about this game :D


Any plans to make a Mac version? or is it possible to play it on Mac using Crossover for instance?




This is such a great small game! By the way, you could pretty easily make the game blind friendly :)

Love this suggestion! It really would be easy to add this as an accessibility feature.

Put Coldline in the compilation because it was fire.

looool, good jo!

Very small game but very fun! Winning the game felt great and the frustration with the phone bot helped build tension.

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This game was wild! It reminded me too much of my time at work. All you have to do is change a few words here and there for it to be medical records instead of nukes. RIP


Very interesting AND very stresfull:D

10/10 will recommend 

wow that was really fun, nice game!


could you release a build for linux

what even is the verification code for USSR?


you need to find it in the 3rd option of the 3rd menu!


please make a version for mac!!!! :sob:

hey first time I downloaded this it gave it a virus warning. For people who also downloaded it on Windows could you tell me if it is?

also gave me it i just ignore it and said run anyways

This game is fine and will not cause any harm. Windows is just over reactive about programs.

The game is fine. You can check the report from virustotal:


Hold on, I'll transfer your comment.

This was such a cool concept and the execution was great, if you're up for it, I'd love to see an expanded version with more scenarios (unless there already are and I've just missed it)

Really interesting concept perfectly executed.

It has an interesting control scheme.

Really good work!

The most stressful phone menu i have ever experienced! Great job on the unique concept :)

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I called the number, the office is closed

Really fun game with an interesting concept, i would like to see another with the phone menu mechanic maybe with dialogue choices that would change the outcome.


For some reason my PC is saying that the game is a virus? Can anyone confirm or help my PC run it if it's not?


Not a virus. I think so. Didn't downloaded yet but planning tomorrow.

It's not a virus. Windows says basically any game is a virus and that can be ignored

first try, get in!



enjoyed the concept despite the fact it was frustrating


this had me sweating, great job :)

Very funny game! Great job!


Really fun idea! Awesome Game!!
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