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beatiifull idea


I mean If i was them I would have a "emergency that is not going to the president button" beaucse if they didint they they deserve to lose new york+

This is such an interesting concept. I'm trying it right now and might write a review after I explore it fully

the options to play again or quit at the end of the game don't work if you aren't using a numpad. i had to get a usb keyboard for my laptop just to click play again.

i have pernament number 8 flashing on my screan after completing the game

best image i got

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never mind its gone

i keep forgetting the numbers and the menu..... i simply gave up and let new york be blasted into pieces.. great game stressful phone

Concentrated panic in one, horribly made navigation menu simulator. Brilliant horror, 10/10 would "help help help no no no no don't do this what have I done there's ten seconds left" again :fire: (Basically: Concept brilliantly executed, great job man!!!)

When will the Burning Beaver version be uploaded???


Linux version?? Pleeaaaaseeee? :>

have you tried it in Proton? I have a hard time believing it wouldn’t work. 

i cant get it to work :(

holy STRESS LMAO! def worth playing for yourself!


I wish this was True and someone Nuke USA 


Kill yourself


after you .....degenerate little subhuman !


What the heck, bro?


Actually crazy coming from a guy from Slovakia.


so many sick developers on itchio they should be killed!


What is bro saying??


too many people in the world ...we need WW3 or Nuclear Apocalypse so we can cut down Earth Population by 50%


blud thinks hes thanos lol 


This game was equally as it was frustrating as it was intense. Great experience and the end had me in stitches. What'd you think?

This is freaking hilarious . Great game


Absolutely loved this! So simple, but so tense! Keep up the great work!

Ic loved thy showcase.


Great stuff

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the games too fuckin hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (edit: nah nvm)


I really loved the concept of this game. It's very unique and the tension had me on edge. I wasn't able to stop the nuke in time though but I still had fun playing this game.

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 00:49


This is an "on the edge of your seat" experience! There is also a gentle reminder as you play that such things never come to pass. Very well-done Paper Cookies! 


crisse you do not know to red


are you understening calisse


what the tabarnak the code


respond esti


calme toi mon pitte


This is a very good game i would have love to see more content but other wise a good game 


I once knew a kid named alaN who played this game. He said it was good but we couldn't find it.

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Not a bad game at all. Idk if it was intentional for the humor or not, but the lines telling you to go to a website for more info in the 1960s is a little bit immersion breaking ngl. Not a huge deal, but thought I'd mention it.


you're totally right haha, for some reason I didn't realise that that doesn't make any sense up until you mentioned it! i guess an automated phone menu also didn't exist in the 60s, so i will chalk it up to artistic freedom haha

The longest phone conversation of my life...

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I'm still catching my breath as I write this comment. My God, what a wonderful game! I was really afraid I wouldn't make it (and indeed, the first playthrough didn't go very well). The tension it puts on you as you watch that timer get close to zero is incredible. Wonderful game, brilliant idea. On one hand, I can only imagine how people felt during that time when they were afraid that everything could end at any moment. Truly amazing.

Who's fault is it really that the world blew up? Good game.

Love this game! super unique and cool concept with great execution!

So stressful I love it lmao. Keep it up!

the phone menu is the  average  modern game ui

I can't tell you how much I love and hate this game! Awesome work. thank you for making it.

It's nice game.

But I'm so angry. 100% reflection of reality.


When will the Burning Beaver version be uploaded?


soon! my apologies for the delay


Where is Korean version?

i'll upload it very soon! stay posted!

can you make it for chromeOS or Chromebooks or school laptops that run ChromeOS?


Dude as an owner of a personal Chromebook, If you really want to play this game (or others) hop off the chromeos train.

im at school and i want to play it when I'm bored


I remember having fun watching it at BIC.
I want to play in Korean, can you update it? Thank you

I remember having fun watching it at BIC. I want to play in Korean, can you update it?

What's BIC?


I got to experience games through the broadcast of a game streamer that I usually enjoy.
The translation localization was so good that on the other hand, I was scared because I had a similar experience. It's a great game.

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