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Really impressed. This might be my favorite game I've played on Itch this whole year. Horrifying. You nailed the whole aesthetic from look to sound. I can't even think of a negative or something I could critique you to change. Really hard decision at the end I had to force myself not to play again as I prefer to have my ending be my ending. Seriously so rad.

i found a secret An eye a shot it then some weird video started of a guy drawing something on a piece of paper 


This is really cool!  I liked the style you went for with this game!  I thought it was clever how you made this game too!


This game is super DOPE!!!

Really liked the game, the start was something I felt was unique. Is there any way to restart the game?


In the empty server screen, enter the konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A). This will reset the game.

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Edit: sorry for the quick posting (I hope it's not considered spamming) but I managed to open the file with MS paint, and came up with this:

A streetlamp. Behind it, what appears to be a river surrounded by forest. Anyone in for the brainstorming?


If you zoom into the picture you can read 11/15/19 on the bottom left. 

No clue what it could mean. Maybe when the next hint is coming?

Good find, I missed that!

I don't know what the date means... it can be the date of the next hint, or maybe playing the game in that date will trigger new events.

I don't see it. Could you circle it please?


I opened the file in notepad, noticed it was originally a photoshop file. It also mentioned layers. It 's probably nothing, given how pretty much anything painted in photoshop would have layers, but I tried to see if I could pull it into Sketchbook Pro as a tiff or psd file to keep the layers. No luck. IDK if you or anyone has true Photoshop, but it may be worth a shot if you already own it. Sketchbook Pro wasn't able to read the file, so I'm not exactly having a lot of faith in that idea.

Also, call me crazy or perhaps I've just stared at it until it looked like ink blots, but in the hazy black stuff around the top, it looks like there's a thumbprint in the top right , and a bird flying away from the lamp in the top left.


I had opened it in notepad once before and thought nothing of anything inside, but this made me want to look into it again. As far as 99% of of what's inside nothing seems useful except an interesting date I highlighted. It reflects the 1987 of the LOG_test.

If we're supposed to figure this out before the 15th, we may be SOL. Ha

How did you open the file in MS paint?

Right click on the file --> open with --> other apps. In the window, there are "Recommended apps" and "Other apps": click "other apps" and choose Paint.

(P.s.: I'm using Windows 7, I don't know how it works in Windows 10, if you have that)


I'm trying to find a way to load that new file... for now, I've only managed to open it with PSPP, an open-source statistics software (the .sav extension is used with statistics). When I did that, pic related is what I got.

Could this mean that the file contains an image? I can't figure out what else PNG could mean.

In case this can help somehow: I've managed to avoid the first contact with the spectre, the one that happens when you bring the flag to your base the second time. To do it, just bring the flag to your base walking forward (pointing at the gate behind the flag); then, don't turn around, just moonwalk towards the entrance where the ghost appears. You'll hear the sound, but she'll disappear once you're too near.

Really creepy for such a simple idea, and the story is interesting. Had some good scares and unsettlingness. Well done.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I get a brown screen when I start the game. Clicking around, I'll eventually see a vhs tape in the middle of the screen. I click it, a sound effect of a vhs tape being inserted into a vcr plays but nothing on screen changes. After some sound effects, clicking the mouse buttons makes typing sounds.
I'm on windows 7, 2600k, gtx980 and 16gb ram.

I had the same issue, also on Windows 7.  I had to change to an Aero theme to be able to get past the VHS in the middle of the screen.  Only issue I have now is the mouse is way too sensitive to be able to play effectively.

Holy shit that worked! How did you figure that out? Changing the theme never crossed my mind, I thought I tried everything.

Honestly, it was a lucky a guess.  I had tried everything else, and figured "why the hell not".  Helps that I work in tech support, so I've gotten pretty good at thinking of off-the-wall ideas to try while troubleshooting.

what a... twist???


Ok, so when I first got the no server screen and it didn't go away on start up I deleted the game and then re-downloaded it and it was still there... That means the game is leaving a save file somewhere in my system and I really don't appreciate that.

Specially since that game wasn't installed, so I can't then Uninstall it to get rid of the save file. I've been having an issue with bloat clogging up my drives can you please tell me where to find the save file so I can totally uninstall the game?


it's typically in the users section on your C drive. 

click C, your name (whatever you named your user on your PC), you may need to show hidden files for this, but go to the AppData folder, there should be 3 files: Local, LocalLow, and Roaming.

It can be on any one of those, usually the folder is named after the dev or the game. I haven't found it, but good luck.

You have to delete Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adam Pype - Viktor Kraus in regedit

I cant find that file anywhere on my laptop.



Idk if you solved this already, but for those struggling, I haven't tried uninstalling myself, but I did combine the power of these to comments to find the mentioned folder (the address Iwan gave didn't work for me). If you're a Windows user:

1. Go to "This PC" and then "Local Disk (C:)".

2. Along the top of the file explorer, select the "View" button. In that drop down, on the right side, there is a (probably) empty check box next to "Hidden Items". Check that box, and you'll be able to see hidden folders.

3. Click on "Users", then select yourself (or whoever's account the game is installed under). 

4. There is a (normally hidden) folder called AppData. Click it, and you should see the three folders mentioned in teddy's comment. In this case, you want LocalLow. 

5. You should see a folder here called "Adam Pype - Viktor Kraus" here. This is the file you want to delete.

I apologize if this isn't here for those trying to uninstall, as said before I haven't uninstalled myself, I was just trying to see if I could peak into game files ^^U

You do not have to uninstall, as using the Konami Code (up up down down left right left right B A) on the server screen resets the game to its default state.  Also, as IwanPlays states, it saves using the registry.  I can 100% confirm this as I have seen exactly how it works.

Wow this gave me the creeps lol such an interesting concept and well executed game! Great work! 

nice little horror game found this game because of facebook XD

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Really good game!

I'm still trying to figure out if there's something more to it...

For the people who ask why you can move with Z and Q: this game was designed keeping in mind AZERTY-keyboard players too. In the AZERTY keyboard, the Z takes the place of the W, and the Q takes the place of the A.


that makes a LOT of sense.


Hey i finished the game with the flag ending but i have no idea how to restart the game. When i get back into the game its a no server list . i tried to re download the game but it still shows the same thing. is there a way to restart the game or is it permanent?


up up down down left right left right B A 

I read this and thought it was a joke at first, thanks for letting me keep playing :')

Uhh.. Is this work?

*does.  And yes, it works on the server screen from any state, it works by setting your saved settings to the defaults.

Thank you very much! Now i can play this wonderful game, again and again! :D

Yeah, i have the same problem :(

fantastic game, loved the sort of mystery and uncanny valley horror behind it.



Guys, I think I have found (maybe not the first one) something related to possible secret ending in the game. As previously described, If you leave the game as the developer said, but then return and again capture two flags - the developer will reappear in the form of an eye and if you shoot at it, then a cutscene with a drawing will appear. 

I still think that the drawing represent the "1" digit, the beginning of the Konami code and Enter button. After the cutscene we get to the blue screen without any servers (like in the "deliver the last flag" ending) but with strange <o> tag on the top.

And the most interesting part: if we will enter the Konami code EXACTLY on this "<o> tag screen" - the game will not just reset BUT: 1) The <o> tag will remain on the screen with servers list 2) In the folder with the .exe file of the game, a log file will appear with the <o> tag inside and strange text about the game!

Buuut... Then I got stuck. I think that this "Exception" phrase about "dead end" hints to us about existing another ending but I have tried to enter the numerical sequence anywhere in the game and nothing happened. I suspect that we have to do something on the second <o> tag screen with servers list but I don't know what exactly - choosing the server on this screen, apparently only launches another round of the game without any changes.

I hope that something from this info will help to community to find a clue, thanks a lot to the developer for such interesting game and mystery around it!

Sorry for the mistakes if there are any in the post)

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that's a great finding.
i saw the video like10 times, and i feel that the pencil is just going up and down.
up, up, up, down, down, enter.
maybe in the <o> we have to go to a server following those instructions (after all enter is the key to select a server)

i would like to try it, but for some reason, the eye doesn't appears on linux.

maybe the "<o>" is THE EYE.
so the dev is watching us in the server room.
because, if the <o> is a tag, it would end in </o>
also, pressing "y" to chat, sounds exactly as "eye". could be a minor detail.

The only clue we have from the creator is that 12/15 servers is strange (where are the other 6 online servers), and using z and q is strange.
the number 25467 makes no sense. maybe a short integer?

25467 to hexadecimal to ascii gives me "c{" something entering a "c" like information or video to an eye.
i really dont think this is important, for eary non the less.

(ps. sorry for my lame english)

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Strangely enough, in the player.log file you can find the following lines after the LOG_test file presents itself.


(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 48)

Path: C:\Users\<yourUsername>\Desktop\LOG_test_date_12-12-87.txt
(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 48)


Likely, just evidence of the file being created but,

Hullo to you too John

So, hexadecimal doesn't work because you need pairs of numbers for that (otherwise said, the number needs to have an even amount of characters). A different ascii converter actually gave me back a Chinese character 捻, which google translated to Nian, meaning to twist, twirl, or twiddle (all actions I as an English speaker associate with hair). Not sure if this actually means anything.

25467 sounds like a port for a server. I haven't played yet but I read most of the comments and I studied a lot with networking and game development. If there are 12 out of 15 servers that means there are a total of 15 server slots and only 12 are being used. If only 6 are visable that means those 6 are open and the others would be "hidden" private or they are open servers but you need the port and the IP address and then enter into the console witch is probably that <o> . its possible that the chat feature is also a console like in many older games. When I get around to playing it I'll test all this out. 

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25467 is a valid port number.

You're sort of wrong about the slots thing.  There's 15 total servers listed, 12 of them are online, and 9 of them are Capture the Flag, with the rest likely being Free for All (way more common for online shooters originally) or Team Deathmatch (much more common for more modern shooters), and are simply being filtered out.  The weird part of this server list is normally, especially the way the servers are named, they wouldn't be preloaded by the game in question, which is the only way you'd see an offline server in the first place.  Usually, the 12/15 means that you're viewing the 12 servers that are filtered out based on your settings, which in this instance we are forced into Capture the Flag.

 This is likely the case here as well since there are only 9 servers listed, with 6 of them online.  Another oddity with the server list is that one of the servers is LAN, which most games from the early 90s you had to search for using a specific filter, and wouldn't be preloaded into a server list like this, even for games that had that kind of set up (I can't think of one that used a pre-programmed list, or even showed offline servers LAN or otherwise for that matter, and I've played every multiplayer Quake, Doom, and even a few shooters that weren't that well known).  Most games that did use a pre-programmed server list didn't show you the server list, and weren't shooters.

ut 2004 has preloaded servers. As do other similar fps games. Including some older battlefield or cod games on pc. The game doesn't have any other menus so we couldn't even say if it goes beyond CTF. There are some games that specific to game modes like that especially if it's close to the original doom or wolfenstein. But this game seems more like a ps1 game which would have CTF DM(ffa) and TDM. But nothing implies beyond ctf. A server typically would have multiple game modes that the host could alter. It would seem its a CTF game which throws everything under the bus. Its impossible to say what's going on I mean we could be completely far off.

Unfortunately, right now, if you've gotten to this point, that is currently as deep as this goes.  I dug until I couldn't dig no more, and I can confirm that there isn't even a thing to detect the entry of the Up Up Up Down Down Enter code the video shows you following this route.  Presumably, its coming in an update, so as to prevent us from completely cracking the code too fast.

Very unique and intresting but i dont know why afte i finish it i cannot play it again ?

Use the Konami Code, read other's comments.

Thanks mate :D

A super freaking errie experience. I just wish it was longer.

Come back on or after 11/15

That didn't Disappoint me at all.

Amazing little horror experience, HIGHLY recommend playing this game!

hi, big thx for the cool creepy game. greetings from rosti


hey maker of game, @papercookies , tell me, does this game have any relation to doom and this new speedrun world record ?

Amazing game, made me feel really sad before (SPOILER ALERT) delivering the flag and now I just can wonder what else could I've done. Pretty nice work!

When I start the game I just see the unity logo and then I hear a sound. After that the screen just stays gray and nothing seems to happen.

Try to find and click a VHS tape, it should be on the middle of the screen.


THIS GAME IS AMAZING...I played this and decided to do a gameplay on it!! I WANT MORE PAPERCOOKIES!!!!!



Hey so i havent seen anyone else posting about this, but I'm pretty sure there's more content that I haven't seen. And I know there's content which I've seen and most others have not.

After you [perform a series of actions which aren't done in most playthroughs i've seen] something spawns in that you can shoot, triggering a cutscene. In the cutscene, a pencil is being used to write or draw something. 

I am 99% sure that this is a cryptic clue about what to do next, but I cannot read it at all. I'm not sure if this is my monitor, my eyeballs, or a display issue with the game. The game is replayable from the state this leaves it in, but I've already re-done everything several times and squinted at the cutscene each time to no avail.

Can anyone help me figure out what the pencil wrote or drew?


My friend said it was the Konami code. You're talking about the floating eye in the sky after the dev joins the game, right? 

I dont think its the konami code. 

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pretty sure its 1 M W and then enter button

it could also be 1 1 1 v v and then enter, why ? watch the video, he lifts up his pen while writing M and W

Thats all I got, but where to type in that "code" i have no clue

ps : whats up with that paper clip, is it there just randomly or has some meaning ?

Deleted 1 year ago
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I put the konami code in the game after you get booted out and reboot the game. You hear a victorious "doo doo!" and the game starts over. Not sure if there's anything else, but there's probably something if you replay it again.

Edit: On the blue screen when there are 0 servers showing input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter.

Edit 2: You're supposed to shoot the eye to get the special video to play.

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I think it is, its simple to figure out what he wrote, just mimic his hand movements yourself on a sheet of paper, theres no mistake, its 1 M W or 111 vv, for some reason he wrote W little lower than the M, like, they are not in the same alignment.

Its enter key because of its shape and arrow inside(what else could it possibly be?).

I tried typing it in few places but so far no luck, I am starting to think this is where it ends, he did not implement next part in yet.
My bet is we will see updates soon.

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The "artist" *clearly* draws the arrow that is commonly used to demonstrate a Carriage Return (which is where the Enter key gets its other name: Return key)... its the clearest part of the whole thing.

Found this pretty easy, this is the exact shape they draw at the very end:

Watch it again, its not 1s, its angles like /\ /\ /\ \/ \/which is why it looks like letters

No.  The Konami code IS programmed into the game, and its way longer than 5 symbols, and you don't press Enter in this iteration.  The image is hard to see, but I guarantee its /\ /\ /\ \/ \/ Enter or /\ M W Enter.  The pencil never crosses the first /\ to make an A, so I am 99% sure its the former,  which would likely stand for up up up down down enter.  The Konami code, by contrast , is up up down down left right left right B A for this iteration of it.


it draws /\ /\ /\ \/ \/ and then an Enter Key.  Unfortunately, right now, inputting this *anywhere* does absolutely nothing.  Due to the teaser img the developer posted, I think we'll find out on the 15th, or we'll at least get more.


So I ended up getting two endings. One for capping the final flag. But there is a "secret ending" I guess? If you leave the game when he asks and then join back he will give new dialogue when you are about to cap again. When he joins the game there's a floating eye near your spawn that you can hit for a video of the dev writing what may be the komani code.

i cant find this eye.
i have the linux version, maybe thats the problem?

JOHN_DEV has joined the game.

Leave the blue flag area, take the *first* right, and look up, but don't get too close to the walls.  Its pretty anal about where you are when you shoot the eye, I shot at it from where I first noticed it, but if you're not close enough, the bullet goes right through the thing and doesn't trigger a hit.  You have to be just about as close as you can get while still able to see it.

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"shoot twice if you can read this" i can't reload my gun.

nvm r to reload.


this was one of the best games ive seen on itchio in a while!!


ok, im noting some objects apears and desapears randomly.
it may be something to do with the servers, or not.
also, there is not a "center of the map".
where are the other 6 online servers?

Deleted 1 year ago

well. theres' an eye that i cant seem to find.
i think the relation beetwen wasd and QZ is part of the pencil code.

Its random.  Its to get you to start noticing that things are changing, and sets you up to find the hidden ending later.

Also, the dev's message about his friends running out of bullets before beating the game is likely a hint telling you you need to shoot something.  So far, the rest of his message about the 100% save file is just filler to make it look like a method you might use to load the save file on an older computer (which isn't entirely incorrect, its very close).


Awesome! It really gave me the chills... I love the concept, well done!


That thumbnail face though. 


the bigest mystery for me was using Z and Q to move.
i think there's a mistery there.

i wonder if this game is hiding something more.

specialy in the numbers. 12/15 servers online where there are 6.
this is a really nice proyect you have here.

you might be on to something..

Does it has something to do with the glitched column?


A haunted ABANDONED game server...with No Players Online? 👻

This short horror experience was very well made! Not only did it mange to give me real fear but what happens in the end is pure genius in my opinion. I'd love to see more from this team!

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