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Explaining everything. Everything...


Thank you so much for all the videos you've done on the game and all your work. Amazing stuff, I feel like I don't deserve it all! :)

Trying to have my friend play it on my laptop but no servers start up to select.

I beat the game once myself but now I can't replay it again?


use konami code in main menu to reset

I cant turn down the volume because it kinda gets "glitched" and only the skapbar works but when I click on the icon it wont work and "sends" me back to the game

really enjoyed this little game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

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No Players Online with Graphics Mods:

HALP. It won't download!

I'm about to make a video for my channel about it! I'm exited! Very! Not scared at all! AT ALL.

hi i played your game i loved it and i was soo scared

How do I erase my save file?



up, up, down, down, left right, left right, BA



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Amazing game with an interesting background. There is a really good work on the aesthetic and especially on the canvas. The main story is freaky but not too horrible. I had fun playing. Thank you. PS : just an advice - use a second camera for weapon. As an indie dev, I always take a look at the way how the dev manages it (only noob use a unique cam) ++


Saw this in here, nice

put this game available  for chomebook 

r i g h t

n o w



I saw people solving this mystery, very well thought puzzles, keep it up!

No one wants to play with me, me sad


Check out some of the secrets the community managed to find!


I want to notice that sound design in this game is WON-DER-FUL. So many emotions from in-game sounds and soundtrack! (btw the ending piano play makes me really sentimental) Cheers to dev and your team for such an atmosphere. Good luck!


Thank you! Makes me really happy to read that and I'm glad it resonated with you :)

This is awesome :D

Hi to the developers in this game! The game is made very well. It really seems like an old computer game. Of course, I can't comment on the graphics, because they were made oldish, but it seems it took a long time to make the map, the old graphics and the effects in the game. I also love that there is a lot of secrets :D


Unfortunately the game doesn't work, pitch black screen only. Is there a way to play in windowed mode?

Hi! It's probably not the game that doesn't work. It might be outdated drives on your computer. Just update your drivers.


im sorry but i had to alt f4 the second a new player joined...too much anxiety for me haha. thank you for the experience!


i again had a great time playing this game but i think ive found all secrets and such in the game so i hope you all enjoy!

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I can't play another time the game bcs i give the final flag, how can i reset the game for re-play another time?

Try deleting the game and re-downloading it

No joke, press put in the Konami code, ((arrow keys)up up down down left right left right B(key) A(key))

Papercookies, can you add a mac os x build?


🎀 I FEEL GUILTY FOR DOING THIS... | No Players Online Full Gameplay


Wow, it was a great game! Thank you creator!

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I would like to recommend adding some polygon jitter. It would make it super authentic if you could  implement this.


Wow! This game was an absolute blast to play! I made a video on it for fun but the audio got scuffed. Here's the Link if someone is interested


SKIP TO 16:27!!!

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I did a gameplay video of this game in October to try and get it more exposure but not sure how well it did. Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane. Here is the gameplay if interested. 

Edit: Wow you guys are amazing! Thank you for those who stopped by. I really want to see more of this game! 


a little spooky

the fact that the servers are down permanently if you capture the third flag it a really nice touch. if any body has problems resetting just type the Konami Code.

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Really awesome game! I would like it if you checked out my video I made on it! I worked a lot on the editing. 


had to paint some fan art for this mysterious game!

Wow! That's really great, thank you so much! :)


this game really made me feel like i was playing the PS1 again. i was not ready for the spookiness the game had in-store.maybe i haven't played many games to say this but i thought it was a really unique creepy story concept, keep up the great work friends :D  i made a small playthrough

How can i use wasd?

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