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yeah this game pretty nice. 8.5/10

Can someone join my server in No Players On-I mean, Capture The Flag?


The PS1 style graphics are simply amazing, thanks for making such an awesome game!!!

man i LOVED This game!!!

a rhought it was virus


* Amongst a sea of other lo-fi horror games where they just look crappy, the VCR effects really work here. 

* The gun, sound effects and level design really seem like a 90s shooter that isn't quite ready for prime time. In particular the textures and map just look perfect. (On the other hand this doesn't look anything like a 1984-5 game. Here's a link to a screenshot of a first-person game from 1985, for example. The game should be from 1994-1995 - still quite advanced for its time - like a Quake mod - but within the realms of that period's imagionation.

* JOHN_DEV is a funny, good character. I interacted with many people like him in the chat windows of games like this. I'd love to have even more interaction with him.

Needs Work:

* But why is it on a VCR tape? Is the idea that the player recorded this in 1986? If so then why are all the servers empty? The "found footage" element of this doesn't mesh with the concept of finding these ancient servers still running.

* What, exactly, is the "other player" doing? Are they perceiving the level this way? Are they capturing the flag as well? I guess not because if they captured the flag the servers would go down. But then why are they another player? Are they a threat or is it just a misunderstanding? Remember that we are TWO levels removed from the threat - watching a screen on which someone watches a screen. We really need the  other player to pop in order to make it through all that.

Nicely done and can't wait to see what you'll do next.

Hey your game is really good. I also made a video of your game.
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Imagine a game like this forgotten in the woods, exploring inside the game with your old TV. Watching the screen, looking for something.

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Spooky game! Short, but good experience!

(This game is the 1st one I play in this video)



game: creepy

kid playing the game: whatthefuck


So, does anyone want to play No Players Onli-I mean, Capture The Flag, with me?


No Players Online


Source Engine games

Love this detail, a cool VHS effect and a aimbient like PS1  games.


i may have not listened and shut the servers down

same and i dont know how to fi

It's up up down down BA on the blue screen

I don't get it?


is a roblox game look it up and play i

Which one? This one? Bah I put it in my gaming frontend anyhow in the weird games category. I said I did not get it because I got stuck with the game not finding any servers and thought the game was broken, but found out you must do a combination of moves with the arrows and B and A to bring it back up again. This not scary at all by the way.

You may need to use Konami Code for accessing the servers again,

The codes are:



Once you got back, you may need to do the simple steps again.

Later, the creator of the game says; "Why are you here again?"

Well, It only happens when you leave and join back.

The creator wants you to leave, and he joins the game as ???. There is a eye showing in the outside of the map. If you already shoot it, the eye will send you to a video with pencil and eraser. It shows arrow stuffs, it maybe looks nonsense. I don't know what to do, but If you press some of the arrow keys. You will get a notepad file to your desktop. The note shows you a error note, the error caused by 25467. Now, there is a game called EYE. They have a other game of course, the game is about walking w/dog. When you finish the game, the game shows you lyrics about a song. The lyrics are missing, the missing lyric is "haunt". Going back to the game, typing haunt will send you a test file page. Typing 25467 will disable Mesh Collision 25467. You can walk off the map from the barriers now.


Yeah I figured the code out by scolling thru the later comments of this thread. Its a good game, just a little weird but not scary and it leans more like a puzzle;Horror game. But yeah thanks for the walkthru man!

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I gotchu bro.


super amazing game, absolutely loved it. 10/10


I can't reload the gun thing! Please fix this. (Or i just dont know how) im clicking like 72983789327983278973891723 times-

Deleted 162 days ago

I haven't played an FPS game ever in my life-, but thanks for tellin' me.


It takes a simple google search to know how to reload a gun in almost EVERY fps games out there on PC. Oh well..


LMAO happens

Very amazing decryption method, this kind of realistic link game feeling

This game was defiantly not what I was expecting at all. Honestly we got tired trying to figure out what to do but it was fulfilling to beat the game in the very end even though there was so many loops and crazy things to do!  

This video was found by tape

What this game???????????????????????????????????????////

-1990 year

NO 1971

i cant open it on windows 11, it just says it contains a virus or potentially unwanted applications

There should be something that says Show more click that and there should be a button next to cancel, click on it then done. I hope this helps!


Dude This game is Hilarious !

I was stepping towards the last flag as John Dev was begging me to stop, and i was laughing like a devil, and I got to say to you when he said the game will shut down if you do it I thought by "shut down" he means i'm gonna enter another state of the game but it literally shut down and I exited the game XD.

The ending was somehow a bad joke , but what do you except of a Meme Addict? I loved it!

Bravo Brother it was totally scary/fun and was worthy to play!

its a psychological horror and you were laughing as you killed his wife.
w h a t

I have walked, I have feared, I have wished, I have fevered, I had my wins - and lost another one - I have walked, I run, I weeped, I sweared ... is there anybody in here?


I loved playing this game


Honestly as much I loved the opening ambience and how well this nails the feeling of being in a derelict server the leap to a full on narrative with a bundled-in arg felt like it defeated the entire atmosphere this had strived to develop, removing all the mystery and desolate wandering in favor of a plotline that -- while undeniably interesting and emotional at times -- didn't make sense with the initial premise of "playing on a bunch of servers people have moved away from," and, if anything, made the experience far more dissonant as a result, since it stopped being clear why the empty fps element even needed to exist in the first place if the main narrative could stand fine without it.

I guess to put it more simply, I don't see why this story needed the empty server aesthetic when it was barely about that beyond the opening and -- going off my own experience retooling narratives to better fit what I was trying to say with them -- could've been told more effectively without it, since the empty servers only served the purpose of being a barebones (and quickly superseded by the out-of-game arg elements) interface for players to access the rest of the story, rather than something that felt like it flowed and evolved with it. You could switch the setting out for any other multiplayer game and it wouldn't feel any different. That plus -- with how much the narrative is relegated to the arg by necessity -- it becomes way too barebones and loses the impact it could have if the game was wholly focused on it, since we get too few snippets to make it feel distinguished from any other horror media about loss and decay and too little to actually connect with the characters over.

I should note that I do respect the amount of work that was put into this a ton and, overall? I did love playing it. It just felt like the focus was too undecidedly split between the story about the couple and the open-ended atmosphere the game premised itself on, with the inability to dedicate itself to either one (a game only about the vacuity and mounting, inexplicable terror in an empty, borderline ephemeral setting vs. a game about a character's failure to move on from loss) for the strengths both of them carry to come through.

(sidenote I do think there's a way you could couple them together, since abandoned locations [however digital or physical] lend themselves perfectly to themes of loss, but it'd require a radically different approach to what the game currently offers)


I remember a night like this

like a foggy memory of being infront of a tv playing a multiplayer game

but no one is online

jokes aside this game was like no other easily a 10/10!

if you are able to play this game

and make sure to keep those lights off :) 

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My Gameplay No Players Online With Commentary

YT Video:

#HorrorGames #ScaryGames #NoPlayers


That haunting  early 2000's empty MMOFPS maps that represented the glory of its time with bustling player capacity.

On a random cheap garage sale,an old online game that got cancelled founds its new possesor(or the person that it will posess.)

You start with a ''Place the tape to the television'' image that you can click to and an vintage blue DOS opening screen welcomes you with a close-to-reality oldness and quality.

İn the game selection menu,UI sucessfully emulates that early 90s feel wit the font and old computer screen look.Select a random map that is online and start to have fun(or don't).

In a Catch the Flag game,the realization of the Game's oldness hits you with that creepy and empty feeling cold atmosphere that the game is the most succesful in accomplishing.

Player gets the flag and something weird starts happening and game really shines in that spot

Not to spoil too much; if you are a fan of found footage indie horror,definitely CHECK OUT this game.It is worth your time.

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your dog good friend

What an awesome game!

A wonderful horror game!. It has mystery, a terrifying environment and an excellent background story. Good job :D

For some reason, I keep moving to the right without anything actually moving me. Has anyone else encountered this bug or is it just me


Not joking but this is game is the best Indie Game we ever played! It was sooo amazing and the Story was mind blowing! We solved every riddle in the game and we even downloaded the game “EYE” to progress. Bravo 👏🏻! Please keep it up and make more amazing games like this one!

I love the atmosphere of this game !

Hey guys, I ran into a snag of sorts [no server list]

See clip below.


Win11 Pro x64

Reyzen 5 - 3,6 Ghz

RTX 2060 12 GB

RAM: 32 GB

Hope this helps :o]
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I played your game and it was such a nice experience!
thank you!
Here is my playthrough! :) (its in german!)



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