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It was a lot of fun.

i beat the game in like 20 or 25 tries i had 3 HEARTS i was sweating.i was at the boss level and i was saying "its gonna be a jumb scare" spoiler alert: it was


Awesome game, I played it for my 3 random games video and I loved it


this is so fun and amazing :D


it's da spooky month



Omg I miss wario ware! This is awesome! 

If you like it, it's coming back for you!


WONDERFUL, LOVELY, BEATIFUL MASTERPIECE. i love you and very nice touch at the end! Thank you


Too spoopy for me.



Amazing! Really fun and engaging!


that jumpscare at the end  was so scary or shouldd i say spooky  yeah i made the  20/20  whith 1 heart

i made the last level in 3 hearts and im telling you...I WAS SWEATING.

ikwoow bu but how the garage thing how did you pass it its the impossible

ikwoow bu but how the garage thing how did you pass it its the impossible


Does this affect my computer if i play it ? it looks awesome and want to try it but im not sure about some things.

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what do you mean? u scared? dingus it is safe.

did you not play games on a computer before?

 nah, it looks cool and i wanted to try it but i needed skme information before i act

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what do you mean? other people played it, is that enough information?

And also it is the official site.

Maybe you're cautious so you don't get viruses? But please, don't be THAT cautious, is a trusted site for playing indie games, gamejolt is a trusted site too, they process the game files too before it gets published, so it is safe.


my bad  , sorry

okay, it's fine



play game.


gotta agree with that



one of the best games youve ever made

the best one is either no players online or chain i dont know 

bu oyun nasıl açılıyo orospu çocukları


Well done game

Really cool game ! What is your game engine ?

thank you! used unity for this :)



Creepy, funny and challenging ! Nice job ;)


Although I played the game so short, the experience itself was really interesting. This game brings me and huge nostalgia of old school classic horror movies. I had a lot of fun as the start of my 3RHG.

Loved it!


We really enjoyed playing & discussing Spookware on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

You can watch the video here:

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can you even find the ghost at the end? but still nice game!


I finally got around to playing this game after a lot of game creators I follow on Twitter were sharing it around when the jam happened.

This game is fantastic fun!

I've always loved these sorts of games *insert obligatory Wario Ware comparison here* and having the horror theme makes it so much more my cup of tea.

It's so well made, and even though some of the mini games are challenging, even when the speed increases it's still a blast to try and get to the end!

Well done, on such a good game, and congrats on the sequel on Dread X 3, I played that too and it is the same amazing quality!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested:

loved the video man, just gained a sub, but i hope u understand how to do the batteries one now lol :)


hey! Thank you so much! 

Haha yeah I did figure it out while I was edited and cringed at myself 

Awesome idea and great execution. Hard as hell at first but eventually you get a feel for it. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I play 31 games, posting a new video each day of October. I'm gonna need a sequel or an expansion, this is too fun to be a one off.


sequel is on the way!! will be part of DreadXCollection 3 :)


Welp, buying that as soon as possible.

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Thank you!!


I love the game, concept, music, everything. Except most of the minigames are way too difficult and don't have instructions. Most are intuitive, since you only use the arrow keys as input, but a little splash screen before the minigame like in WariWare would be a nice touch.

Difficulty aside, I am looking forward to playing this with friends this Halloween season!

Spookware is what it feels to have sudden hypoglycemia for 15+ minutes with the blood glucose being in 30 for most of the time. I can confirm, i am diabetic, 10/10 would have a stroke again.


I created an account just to say how much i absolutely love this game. i cant express my love for this game in words. this game goes to my top favorites easily.  not from the spooky aspect but from  the gameplay aspect it really shines. 

thank  you for this glorious game

thank you so much, that means a lot ♥♥♥♥

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Fun to play

I've been missing warioware thanks lil b

this game was pretty fun

yes it was

i agree

me too

bro, same


it is like warioware

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this game gave me slight spooky dreams for a while after playing this for first time last week but a very good game over all. SP00K/SP00K would download again.  :)

glad I could haunt your dreams 👻

Pour les Francophones !

this is one unique game man, excellent work, i just wish it was a little easier, i did not win any level :)

This game is excellent! Really captured warioware in all paced mini games, great music/soundtrack and good gameplay! Some games are slightly hard but that’s great, definitely doable...eventually! Great job! 😁 

Certain games have high difficulty

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