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I would like to recommend adding some polygon jitter. It would make it super authentic if you could  implement this.


Wow! This game was an absolute blast to play! I made a video on it for fun but the audio got scuffed. Here's the Link if someone is interested


SKIP TO 16:27!!!

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I did a gameplay video of this game in October to try and get it more exposure but not sure how well it did. Thanks for this wonderful trip down memory lane. Here is the gameplay if interested. 

Edit: Wow you guys are amazing! Thank you for those who stopped by. I really want to see more of this game! 


a little spooky

the fact that the servers are down permanently if you capture the third flag it a really nice touch. if any body has problems resetting just type the Konami Code.

You can restart by doing the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, AB


Really awesome game! I would like it if you checked out my video I made on it! I worked a lot on the editing. 


had to paint some fan art for this mysterious game!

Wow! That's really great, thank you so much! :)


this game really made me feel like i was playing the PS1 again. i was not ready for the spookiness the game had in-store.maybe i haven't played many games to say this but i thought it was a really unique creepy story concept, keep up the great work friends :D  i made a small playthrough

How can i use wasd?

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Markiplier brought me here, this game is unique and eerie without trying too hard! 10/10 would recommend for a quick, aesthetic, horror game


Dude i dont know how you did it but the aesthetic you created was amazing


do i have to pay






there are no servers anymore, reinstalling didnt fix


At the server screen, press the following keys:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A

How do I play it? When I run the exe file it just shows a blank gray screen.

You need to update the resolution on the secret ending video, I have no idea what's being written. I know the final part is Enter key, but got no idea what the rest is.


if you capture the flag for the 3rd time, and all the servers are down, just boot up the game again and put on your keyboard, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b , and it will reset. It sounds ridiculous but trust me it will work.


Can you make a apple version because my extremely old windows computer cant run the game. My sister is allowing me to use her apple laptop to play it so if its possible, please make it apple compatible.

I found this while looking at 38NOnSJ (The last song on the bandcamp album) in a spectogram. What could this mean? It looks like a forest. Maybe the morse code could help from "to see (noun)"'s song "dialtone".

Loved the game, the retro style really brought be back to the days of quake and unreal tournament. The gradual build of the scary elements was great, and I like the meta nature of the game. It was subtle and felt good, not too heavy handed like some other games. All I can say is I want MORE! Well done to the developer, you can check out my playthrough below.


Played your game in an indie romp.the aesthetic of this was great and reminded me so much of the old 007 n64 game

Your game starts at 5:55 and that opening was also amazing!!!!

please make this available for Mac OS


You should get mac a build this looks super interesting

when I start this game, nothing appears on the screen, just a gray screen

My video being a p*ssy while playing



make this for WINDOWS 7 32BIT


Here's my full complete 2.0 + secrets + eye + 2.0/final ending

Once again, there are no players online 2.0

Here's my full complete 1.0 + secrets + 1.0 ending + 100% save

Horror game but there are no players online.

I wanted to play this game, i'm on mac but i use wine andeven if i try to run the exe it doesn't work


It's nice to see something thinking outside the box for a change. Great!


This game is the SECOND half of the video !!

Also message to the developer, please can you actually make an online shooter with the set up? It gives me nostalgic 90's quake vibes :D


Played and recorded some gameplay some time ago but I think i forgot to post something here so :D


Any chance of a Mac version? *Kicks self*

Throw Ubuntu in a virtual machine and play that way. Better than nothing.

Not a stupid idea

Very interesting game - I love the visual effects! Here's some commentary I recorded.

scary and cool, it was a way different experince to different scary games.


Really cool game. You inspired me to create something like that. Thanks...


Here is my game Lost Player

I checked it out! Great stuff :D


I only played this game for about 20 minutes, but I feel like there's more to this game than what I saw. The sound design is really good and genuinely creeped me out. Def recommend this game.

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