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i was stuck on the server menu when i beat the game and came back, so i pressed the buttons:  up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,b,a      and then i could lay it again!

can someone help me to play this on Windows 7, I deactivated Areo, but nothing changes

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nvm i just found out

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Sorry.  I should of asked you to describe the problem last time in order to help find a proper solution instead of assuming. So what does the game do when you open it? (Error messages, blank grey/black screens, etc)

Provide screenshots and add them here if necessary. (Windows 7 has "snipping tool", search for it in the start menu and take a snippet of the problem)


Very fun game! I also felt the need to donate because I think the developer is an awesome person, and I thought i'd be haunted if I didn't. I also really appreciate the linux version so I can also play on my laptop.

Hello everyone, any info on the pencil ending?

I think that we still don't know where that one is used, though I might be wrong.

I haven't checked the update, but at the time it was released it went no where.  The was literally no code to check for it.

I'm playing this game for a video and was wondering if there was someway to reset the game so I can take a different run through. The video won't come out until tomorrow. If anyone knows how to reset the game, please tell me. 

At the server select screen, type in the Konami code. (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)

Thank you, now I have the other recording of my playthrough.


Is there a way to reset the game? If possible, let me know.

At the server select screen, type in the Konami code. (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)

Played this in a 3 Random Games video and you have blown me away! I genuinely felt frightened by the feel of this game and I loved it! If there is more to the game, please let me know so I can play more. If not, this was a damn good example of a creepy "online" game with atmosphere!

Game starts at 12:30 (but you can watch the whole video, if you want)


I saw Markiplier play this, and I must say that it really intrigued me. Will be playing it ASAP!

gave it a go until it I couldn't load it again. Overall I really dig the vibe!


has this mystrey been solved yet?


We think so!

not even close.  Can't solve something that isn't whole.


Awesome game and great concept, this kept me scared all the way through, great job!


It's over.

Thank you so much for making all these videos! It's been one hell of a ride :D

sorry to report, thsi is weird. I launch the binary, and just a VHS tape on screen, like the .EXE icon, then I click several times, then all sounds of tape insert, and then sound of taps, while I'm clicking using the mouse. BLACK screen with the VHS tape in the center all the way. no game. BUG??? Using intel i5 - 16Gb ram, and Intel Graphics HD 530


amazing work mate! I really traveled back in the early 2000s ! Keep it up!

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I tried something with the wife to see if she would follow, and at the part it says behind you, I turned around and slowly walked off the map and OMFG SHE FOLLOWS YOU AND I WAS STUCK ON THE WALL FOR A SEC SO IT WAS TERRIFYING! @_@  .....but she doesn't follow into the passcode room... I also tried jumping off the map after John_Dev joined. nothing happened.

Very cool game! Would love to see more stuff like this from you! I featured your game as part of one of my "3 Scary Games" episodes! Thanks again for making this game!

The wife looks so much like Guy Smiley.

The missing link
Also.... what is up with the last track in this playlist? :S

In that first link, there is an audio file called "dial tone" that has Morse code. It translates to: PER SENTENCE LONGEST WORD LAST LETTER MINUS KEY WORD KEY:DOG

We're aware of the mysterious phone number mentioning KEY:DOG, and so far nobody has commented mentioning that audio file, so perhaps someone can put the pieces together with this new information?

I think the clue that leads to the bandcamp site can be found through a file by snooping around in the linux version of the game. from there you follow the hints and do some math and then you get the final passcode.


The title is a link to an imgur pic, the sound is because that same pic is in the spectrogram of the audio (super cool!!) someone found out the pic was in a nature preserve and they went there. Found the next clue hidden in a tree

and was that clue something we already know? just checking


So I downloaded "No Players Online" today to start a Let's Play series on it because it looks absolutely amazing. I played through the first stage and delivered the 3rd flag after going through John_DEV's dialog,  needless to say I "Lost connection to the server".

I then discovered the Konami Code after going through the comment section on this page in order to proceed with the game, I entered the code and managed to get the server "back online". I got to the point of delivering the 3rd flag again but this time I did not get the new dialog from John_DEV, I got the exact same dialog as in the first playthrough.

I tried restarting my system, deleting the game and re-downloading it but nothing works. Can anyone help me with this issue please?


you need to press Esc when he tells you to leave, then you go back into the game an then you'll get the new dialogue. 

Dude... you are a HECKING LEGEND!!!
IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it!

Also, make sure to check the posts of the developer on this of them might lead you to your next clue!

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I will definitely do so! I love these sneaky Devs, they make games like this one even more AMAZING!!!

This is a meta game so you gotta hunt clues anywhere. The final passcode is quite hard to figure out too! you can do it the right way or the cheap way but the right way is very very tough. I did it the cheap way cause I am curious but when I read the legit way to do it my jaw literally dropped

I just uploaded my video on the Version 1! I will actually play this game again and see what more secrets I can find. So far, here is my version 1 video!

i'm sad this is not 32x bit...

Please tell me what is needed in order to get into the room with a sound check?

P.S. sorry for my English...

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Ok, I will try to not spoil it for you and just give you hints. first things first, you need to check the dev's posts...there is another "hidden game" you can find through "Multiplayer fix" post. your next clue is there.
Happy hunting ^^

At first I thought it was a puzzel solving game but then it turned into a horror one.

It's both! Happy hunting!

how do you play it 

You need to think out of the box and like snooping around games in order to  successfully play this game :)

if you get stuck, try checking the posts of the dev in this page. one of them might lead you to your next clue!

This game brings me back. Ouf! It was pretty Awesome! Made you a lil video: 


Awesome game. Very atmospheric. It starts just like a typical game, but then... everything changes

This game is really great! I got the BAD ending! LOL


There is no bad ending ;)


cool game... weird game...

Hello there creator. I played your game again and i entered the secrets. Pretty awesome!! Here is my gameplay. ENJOY!!

hey guys how do i play the game?

Well, done.

This game felt like it belongs to /r/Nosleep section of reddit, and thats a good thing(I like that subreddit). I really liked how it all unraveled at the end. Wish to see more games like this, they hit the nostalgia just right.


I need help
I ended the third flag and now all servers are gone. I can't go back into the game anymore. sorry for my bad english

try deleting and extracting the .exe again.

Use the Konami code, up up down down left right left right and maybe enter idk

Use the Konami code 

up up down down left right left right B A

Secret phone number was found!

Great little horror flick. We enjoyed it very much.

We finished both endings:

can somebody post a not expiring link to the discord please? lemme know if you do

How to find the new easter eggs and my thoughts on them

For anyone else where this doesn't work (screen doesn't respond): Try disconnecting one of your monitors if you have two -- then it was picking up keyboard etc. okay

Hidden phone number detected & called. Hear what happened when "it" picked up the phone...


The final result of the game was put a lot of effort into it, very impressive!

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game did pretty well on my channel for only being there for a couple days, I had some input on it as well, but also I think I missed some stuff too.But overall nice job!

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