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Horrifying also it was a Cursed Version of Counter Strikes! 5/5 EXCELLENT!


Apparently this is one of those games like imscared that does "meta" stuff, at least based on the comments below.  But as there is literally nothing in the game that hints at this, I'm just going to conclude that for me, it's a short, mediocre experience.

A pretty cool experience, though I wish it was easier to solve puzzles. It seems like half the game is behind a "open this file with a random program" or "press random buttons till something works". I also wish the ending was more climactic. Regardless, I had a fun time playing it and seeing all the hidden things.


This was actually very scary and i enjoyed it i recommend it for a play through on your channel, if you could subscribe to my channel it'd mean a lot to me. Have a good day!!
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I really like it, i play it for 2 hours trying find all secrets, scary and keep you want to know more, thank you for this scary experience, i think you must see my video playing it, or just go to the end you will see a bonus :)


Okay, so am I the only gal super confused about how to use the Konami Code on a keyboard?! I cannot get the servers to reappear to play through the game again. HELP!


hey! just use the arrow keys to do up up down down left right left right, then type B and A, and that should do it!!

i did not play the original but i did play the roblox remake which had one difference it had no vhs tape and ms bos (ms dos ripoff)

Very Nice Game!!!
That's My Video On It!


not sure about yall but i shut down the game (also i enjoyed the theme it felt as if it was a old game)


dont ask why its a super low fps

good game

really  fun and spooky to play! also is there an original sound from the jukebox?

Was i supposed to close the game when it told me ? 

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This is my first game on this site, a very spooky and interesting game. It was difficult to figure out all the secrets, so I watched youtubers. Amazingly, I have never played a game whose secrets are being unraveled inside and outside of it.(translated from rus by ggl)


holy shit this game is very well made and scared me pretty badly

this was very unsettling.. it actually scared me a lot but it was pretty interesting and creative. it was kinda laggy tho.


Ваша игра попала в моё видео, зацените русачки


question, how can I put the game on window????

press f11

Is this only me who is having problem with mouse, It lags so much, how can i fix this??

Anyone please help me....

Try changing your mouse sensitivity. Also can you try to help me? Whenever I click enter to join a server nothing happens and I don't know what to do.

how to play this game egain ?

playing 9 horror games including this one

SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!! I can open the game and it says "Confirm - Enter" to choose a server but when I click my enter key it doesn't work and just acts like I'm pressing a random letter that doesn't do anything. Please help me fix this I really want to play this game.


I found this game on roblox


Сделал прохождение разбор этого шедевра
приятного просмотра!

umm ded things should stay ded

this game taught me dat


This game was 🔥!

ok my go play No Players Online download

hello guys


Hello @everyone  I have Finished making my newest video out there 

**No Players Online- by papercookies**

***Autophobia or monophobia, is the fear of being alone or lonely. Being alone, even in a usually comforting place like home, can result in severe anxiety for people with this condition. People with autophobia feel they need another person or other people around in order to feel safe.

Such a Threalling game that meets the eye of both Multiplayer Combat Crossing with Horror such a game -  @Javedman 

What is it? No Players Online is a reminder to bring things into the world, to finish things. The game, by developer Adam Pype, was made as part of a commitment to release a game each month — the game's idea of completing projects as real world practice.***

Nice Game Didn't Get scared though that's what i wanted

I played the game a few months ago but now when I open it to play it, it just spams a bunch of sound effects in the menu and I can't do anything. I tried doing the Konami code but it literally just doesn't work. Any help please?


This was a really great game! I really enjoyed the unsettling feeling that came from just stalking around the map all alone. The story ended up being really good too despite the length of it! 

Check out my gameplay here:

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love how it simulates DOS, kind of immersive and i love the plot to the game! short but scary!

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you know what ? its a great and a deep game. 

amazing !!!

hello. i have a problem when launching the game. whenever i open it, it says an error "the code execution cannot proceed because UnityPLayer.dll was not found" 

i also tried running it as an administrator still didn't work. i would be very happy if someone has a solution to this. (sorry, my device is in french)

I'm using windows 10 btw.


You really nailed the feeling of exploring an old deserted online game.


The ending also was amazing, and you made a very good design choice by leaving the player alone in front of an empty lobby screen, without any extra comment or dialog line. It leaves the player with LOTS of feel and questions, which is great when done right.

Well done :)

Possible Spoiler, thats not the only ending. look more into this game ;)


Why this game has slow mouse sentivity?


i saw that game re-created on roblox :/

Hey There! I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about No Players Online.

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