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This scared the f*** out of me, good horror game.

Very interesting concept. It's one of those games that leaves you thinking about it afterwards.


this is my vid on the game it was a great game there is no commentary or facecam just pure  gameplay I'm gonna try to upload everyday I'm not at school or busy so you should check me out


mac port please?


green eggs and ham.

can you make it to where you can play it again bc if u die or beat it it never lets you play it again


Put in the Konami code to play again. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A 


It works?


People in the comments, it actually works :D

I went back to the center but nothing happened. Great game though very good atmosphere.


Super fun experience. Love the concept!

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i love the game, great design, gameplay, and the overall concept. rate it a 5/5!



This game was super cool! I feel like I would have loved more information on HOW a game would do what John_Dev says, but for what it's worth, it's a spooky game that I had a blast checking out. It was the final game I played in this 3 scary games video!


This Game Lookin' Kinda 


w ai t w h a t -

hm... we need some MULTIPLaYer


How can i configure the mouse sensitive?

When I try to press enter on online servers it only makes some sound but doesn't write connecting to the server or something like that, Can you help me please? (I don't mean Konami Code)

Nevermind i fixed it

how do u fix it?

Wait is this true depression

hey! I have a small problem- when I first installed the game it worked fine, however, the second time I tried to play, no servers were showing up, so I uninstalled the game and re-installed it but nothing seems to work, please help?

when you enter the game and you see no servers then press up up down down left right left right B A  and the servers will come back :)


thank you!


I must say, I was somewhat dissapointed. The game seems to present itself as exploring the concept of dead online servers and the eerie feeling they give, but quickly ditchs that in favor of a creepypasta-tier "loved one inside the cartridge" story and surprise ARG that I wasn't pleased to discover was mandatory to get the real ending.

But there WERE options to get the ending or not. [1] You can leave the game like the "JOHN_DEV" guy told you to or [2] You can capture and return the flag, ending the game.

Another option to get the ending is [1] Shoot the gramophone and continue getting stalked by some ghostly being or [2] Don't shoot the gramophone and continue exploring the arena

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of course, it is fiction. but having this on VHS is about as dumb as me writing a story taking place in the 80s and writing that the people in the story have smartphones. They didn't exist in the eighties and neither did multiplayer online gaming really exist when VHS was still popular.

Well guess what idiot this game is supposed to be fiction, not real. 

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i know it is fiction your it is a game. but even fiction needs to be fiction has rules and multiplayer did not really take off till the end of vhs so why would this game be found on VHS footage? wouldn't at the very least be found on DVD.

Well, you know that the game is fiction, and that you know that it's a game. But guess what? Fiction isn't real! That means that I can make a game where airplanes existed in 1748! And guess what? That means that my game is fiction! Get your facts straight!

Deleted 208 days ago

You're calling me a troll because you want to hide your true self and lie to the rest of the world


Bro, that's literally you though.


You calling me a moron means that you are afraid that I'd win the argument. And guess what? I just did

"a story taking place in the 80s and writing that the people in the story have smartphones"



but part of writing fiction is writing stuff that is believable  smartphones in a story in the 80s is not that believable of premise anymore than writing a story about a car manufacturing plant in the 1800s. but you know this you just like to argue with people because you seem to have nothing better to do with your time.

You dumb fiction doesn’t have to be believable. Have you heard about Fairy Tales?

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I am done with you. you nothing but a miserable person who does nothing but trolls people on this website for your own pleasure because you think it makes you feel better about your own feeling of inadequacy but what you have yet to realize is that you only add to your own misery by trolling the people here. because all of the comments you made here have been nothing but putting people down . so you try to make yourself feel important here by putting people down and thinking you know better than everyone. Well, I sorry you want to this instead of making friends or talking to people normally.  i wish you do better for yourself. but take care ok and I wish you the best.

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You saying "troll" in my face means that your point is false and that I'm correct. We can all see it. Quit lying to us, we know that you have been defeated and that you have no point or any evidence to back up your claim

You think YOU are smart? Do you even have a point in saying "Multiplayer in the 80s? That's DUMB"? No you don't. A "moron" could see it, you don't have a point. You are so dumb, that you have a brain with a negative amount of braincells. Must do do...negative 100 braincells.

You like to argue a LOT because people like you don't have any evidence or point in an argument. Man, you should go back to Elementary School and learn about arguments and debating


We know the link

Also a Youtube ad popped up

It was a 2 minute long ad

That gave me time to see what the title really was


that ad saved you from getting rick rolled

rick roll

  1. gg i LOVED the game it was fun
#gg#best game ever#jon6tim

is there screamers in the game ?

How do I open the game on a Linux? Which file to open I mean. I can't seem to find anything online about opening it. Thanks person who helps ^^

get it on windows or mac

how to exit the game?

Esc lol, or windows button and close the game :/

me kickearon XD

I don't know if this was you or not, but this game is also on roblox, it is the exact same and everything. I don't know if someone copied it or if that was you.

hey, someone copied it! wasn't me, but I don't mind that much (only a little bit)

hey, can you add a Mac version?

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this game is freaking the best game old style 80s fps spookys yo at first when i played this i was so scared yeah ik im a baby


spooky underman with cape from no players online


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he is from no playere online but its a secret easter egg u need to hack the game and then shot the monster then underpants man will  eat him then u see this image the IT crash (he is not lol)

link is rick roll

What the f*ck is this

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cool game is horor and its remembers me 

of the old fps game


Dude i started playing and i wanted to get out of the game and i cound but somehow i exited and later i played it still dont know ho to quit but its a good game

me too


I ended up screwing up the game is there any way to reset it?


This was quite the game!

AMAZING , short and little game. I LOVE IT. It gave me the spooks

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why can't i play?


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This game is neat. Congratulations, sorry through my weak video card. I needed to see others later shoot "dev's eye" to draw and the word was missing in the video from Eye.exe. Although after I could think where I need go to. Cool game, thanks. 

That's one above is to windows virtualization

And this speedrun to Linux version

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