Added Linux Build and.. a secret?

The dusty VHS just got a little less dusty. This update includes:

  • A linux build for all you penguin folk.
  • A way to reset your save if you want to see the other endings.
    HINT: a combination of keys that sounds like "konami"
  • Bug fixes


NoPlayersOnline v1.1.exe 45 MB
Nov 06, 2019
NoPlayersOnline v1.1 56 MB
Nov 07, 2019

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Very cool idea, actually took me back to when HL2CTF died and only a handful of servers were left. Konomi code was fun, too. thanks for releasing for linux! =)


How do I turn down the sensitivity? It's up so high I can't play the game.

Im trying to play the game on linux but for some reason im only able to open the data and I cant get into the game can someone help

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You have to right click the .zip file. Then, you have to right click the x86_64 file, and click properties. Now, click permissions, and click allow this to run as a program, or something like that.


How do you run this? I'm fairly new to Linux, and I can't figure this out to save my life.


Right click on "NoPlayersOnline v1.2 Linux" > Properties > Permissions > Down the bottom tick "Allow file to run as a program"

Will there be V1.2 for Windows 10? I wanna try another ending but it seems there's no resetting save feature on V1.1, or it could be me have no idea what keys are sounds 'konami'. Also I really enjoyed the game and the concept is really neat! 

Hey! The Linux v1.2 version is the same as Windows v1.1 Sorry if that is confusing! By konami I meant the konami code. Which is up up down down left right left right b a :)


Ohhh, I was typing konami code totally wrong then. Thanks! :D

I bought for the Linux version - unfortunately, after the Unity logo I see a VHS tape, which disappears once clicked, and then all I get is black. I can alt-tab and alt-F4 just fine, the process manager shows the game using a modest 5% CPU in this state, so not sure whats going on. The logs also don't give an obvious answer.

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Very weird. I'll investigate and let you know!

EDIT: I think I figured out what's causing it. A new build will be up very soon!

I uploaded a new build. Can you check it out and tell me if it works. To download it, go back to the main game page and download "NoPlayersOnline v1.2".

Looks like it's working now! Thanks!

Now, back to playing :)