Multiplayer Fix

Thank you for commenting and sharing videos about this little remake project. I'm pleased to say I was able to get multiplayer working again, it uses some of the netcode of the old game but it should still work with your modern BMOS terminal.

Changes in this update are:
- Fixed players not being able to see each other.
- Fixed servers displaying as empty when they're not.
- Fixed server list displaying wrong amount of servers online.

Since the netcode isn't mine I advise to give the networking dev of the old game an email if you encounter any issues. I was able to retrieve it from the old Enuit site using the waybackmachine:


NoPlayersOnline v2.0.exe 58 MB
Nov 15, 2019

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on the end screen make the eye close, i dont want to think there is still more to find

This post is important to the game :D



when i open the game the screen is black and i cant play

Here's my full complete 2.0 + secrets + eye + 2.0/final ending

Once again, there are no players online 2.0

Here's my full complete 1.0 + secrets + 1.0 ending + 100% save

Horror game but there are no players online.

How the hell i reset the save file after deliver the third flag? I din't know that i really wasn't supose to do that, and now i cant play the game for ever? 

At the server select screen, type in the Konami code. (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)

unfortunaly, this game (apparently) doesn't work on WIN7, can someone help me, please?

Disable Aero


thanks very much!

Sorry, but the game stills doesn't work

Messing around with Windows 7 in Vbox and I found a strange work around to get it to work.

1. Open up to a random folder and maximize it.
2. Start the game.
3. When the Unity logo pops up, quickly press and hold ALT, then press TAB to move to the maximized folder. (be sure to get to this folder before it leaves the unity logo)
4. Wait a few seconds until you hear the video tape sound. ALT+TAB back to the game.

I do have aero disabled in these instructions.

well, I tried this and it didn't work, oof

Need help getting to the credits? we have all the info you need here!

We loved the game! don't forget to donate to support paper cookies!

i just found out something. enuitltd in the website is a anagram for untitled. i tried replacing it but it didn't do anything, but i feel like I'm getting close to something.

Also how do you enter haunt into the server list

How do you find out what the memory address is?

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The memory address can be found in the log file you get after you shoot the eye and get the second ending ending. it's named Log_test_date .  for me, it was on my desktop but I dunno where it will be for you so you can search it using the name file I just gave you


all systems online


How did you find out what the memory address was? 

so, interesting fact is the little wooded town you all are seeing is pitch black for me i cant see anything and its kinda glitchy. but after stumbling around i got the same haunt thing

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Stuck here. DEC values are not working.



How that came out?

Idk if you already found out, but it seems like there's 2 ways to find it. Either write down every number you see and try every possible code, or open the v2.0 folder then open level7 (the room with the terminal is where lvl 7 takes place) with notepad. The code should be there 

Here's a little update. If you type in Haunt in the server select, then type in 25467 (from the log file) you get something interesting and the line "Removed Mesh #345 colision"

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Edit: This allows you to jump off the map. and we need  a code... _ _ - _ _ - _ _ hmmm 

Found the same room 10 minutes ago. Still no clue about code....

judging from the bluescreen it might be windings?

Worth trying a "translation". I was searching a file called SRC or something in the supposed Linux version. No luck.

Only numbers are 1 and 2. Arrows are letters and Flag is O

How did you type Haunt into the server list? 

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You just type haunt in the server screen.... you get the clue by playing EYE.exe and watching the video at the end of the game... the lyrics are from a song,  the one word missing from the lyrics is haunt

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It's basically the same song with no player online




Lyrics of the song by Kay Starr: Blue and Sentimental are what is on EYE.exe. Which is the song playing on the record player in the original exe. the word "Haunt" is what is removed from the on screen lyrics in EYE. I'm still unsure what it all means.

I tried sending a message to the aforementioned email address, and I got the same auto-reply of Callum John.

I've played the game of the walk in the park with the (supposed) dog, and got to the final video, that displays the date "03/20/1975". My best guess is that's the date in which the dev's wife died: according to the auto-reply email, he's started his out of office period on 03-31-1975, eleven days after the date of the video. Maybe among the convoluted collage of scenes in the video, there's something about an accident?


interestingly, there's some blood on the tree. There's blood somewhere else, on some bushes, etc. In the video there are parts of a footage shot in a forest, maybe these drops of blood in this game are linked to the forest parts, hinting to an accident happened in/near a wood?

And also:

What the hell is that thing on the right? (see also the date in the bottom left)


The bushes have Berries on them, I thought it was blood at first too.


I just played through EYE.exe. It was a short walk through a wooded town onto a pier before drowning in water. The character was holding a dog lead that seemed to be attached to something far in the distance. Fell off the pier and a video tape fell onto my screen after I drowned.

Clicking it played some Blair-Witch-esque shots with titles talking about a break up and the word blue capitilized. Dated to 1975, the year John went missing. Not sure what it means, but the video tape had that eye symbol on it.


I also completely spoiled the moment by playing "Blue" by Eiffel 65 over it.

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