Complete Save File

I had friends complaining that they run out of bullets too fast and can't finish the game. I attached a save file to this post if you'd like to see all of the content. To use it:

  • Download the file in the attached post below.
  • Burn it onto a disk, and read it from your BMOS terminal using the read command.
  • Poke the following memory address to load the file: 25467



100percent_save_file.sav 253 kB
Nov 11, 2019

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you can download an game by simply download itch itself

How to download this????


ur game is don't wor

I dont understand

so.... how do I get the list back? I ignored the warning and went back to the "base" and now I have no server options... what do I have to do to get them back?

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enter this in when at the server list 


Then hit enter

assuming you're on windows, you need to go to 

\\HKCU\[whatever your account SID is]\SOFTWARE\Adam Pype - Viktor Kraus\No Players Online

and then delete the key that starts ENDING_


What do I have to do to open the save file

So... what's happening tomorrow? (11/13/19)

The date is 11/15, not 11/13. We'll have to wait a couple of days more.

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Spoilery I guess for those that wish to find something about this themselves.

Use "Copy Link Location" or similar to see my comment


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Yeah, I've seen that. I've posted the image in the main page. We have seen a date in the bottom left of the pic. What do you think of it?

Ahh lol. And yeah don't have a clue sorry. =/

I already got the "bad ending" or whatever and I don't know how to load a save.

How do they run out of bullets? I've tried to shoot bullets and reload to see if there was something linked to the number of bullets for every reload in sequence (it's not fixed, sometimes you run out after two, sometimes after five, etc.) and I've never ran out of bullets. And I had shot a lot of them.


I see two main versions: 1) This is a real hint, but kind of strange - the only moments where we are technically "run out of bullets" are the moments where the ghost attacks us. I have tried to type some combinations at these moments but nothing happened. 2) This is a type of expression - "friends" mean the gamers, "bullets" mean our attempts in clue finding, so this all mean that "the gamers stuck and here is the hint for them".

I'm not sure if you intended for the file to actually be downloaded, but you can't download a file from a devlog, as far as I can tell.

In fact a site admin actually said "this does not make the file available for download on the devlog page."

I think this is a hint from the developers) The game can't create or load .sav files and the "memory address" is exactly the same as in the log file!

How do you create that log file? I've tried to follow the instructions in the main discussions, but no log file appeared.

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You should to capture two flags, listen to the developer and then leave to the main servers list. After that, you should return and repeat the capture of two flags. The developer will ask you something like "why are you come back?" and then he will appear in the form of an eye above the wall in the room near blue spawn. You have to shoot in the eye to see the cutscene with drawing and to get to the screen with the <o> tag and exactly on this screen (without leaving the game) you should type Konami code. Then log file will appear in the folder with exe file.

It didn't work. I did exactly as you said, and no log file appeared.

What is the Konami code?


Sorry, fixed that. Hope you can download it now! If you need any help loading the file in your terminal, let me know.

I don't have a FACOM pc from 1977 available. Can I still load the file? Can you help me with that?

Actually, I could use some assistance. I've never worked with MS-BOS before, and I'm not sure what the interrupt sequence is to drop back to the shell. I can't find a reference manual for the OS, so I'm not sure what commands will even be available once I get there.

What assistance can you offer?