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Join the three skelebros -Lefti, Midi, and Righti- on a grand road trip through the cutesy world of the dead. After realizing they wasted their lives watching horror movies, they decide to embark on a big adventure.

Spanning across 4 episodes released separately, each containing 3 chapters with their own area, microgames, mechanics, and story!

Challenge yourself with a wide collection of blazing-fast microgames themed around horror tropes. Featuring over a hundred microgames you're sure to get shaken to your bones!

Each microgame is carefully interwoven within the story. Each area features completely new gameplay mechanics to test your microgame skills. Even going as far as changing up control schemes!

  • 60+ hand-crafted, blood-pumping, horror-inspired microgames.
  • Three exciting and beautiful areas to explore in the land of the dead.
  • Play as 3 adorable skeleton brothers Lefti, Midi, and Righti.
  • Unique mechanics for every area, from rhythm to puzzle games.
  • Remix all your unlocked microgames for the ultimate challenge.
  • At least 7 skeleton puns.



Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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hello dev. There is a  little problem some others have this problem as well on steam.  
After clearing out the temple i decieded to quit the game, after that when i try to boot up the game alright intro plays controller bla bla then stuck. At least the "press return to skip" thing moves so i can guess the game still works but other than that nothing.

could you please get this fixed, i really wanna finish the game and replay the games. Thank you.

hey! thank you so much for reporting! we're gonna look into it and let you know :) happy holidays!

I'm still playing this game but it's fun so far


So much personality! Loved the visuals, great sound and unique style. Please keep making experiences and thank you.

thank you so much ❤️ !!!


aestheticSo I hadn't played the original version, but was looking for some fun halloween titles to play this year for my channel. Thus far I'm really enjoying it! The humor is very witty and faced paced, and the games are just the right level of complicated that it's a challenge, but understandable within the time limit.


I'm very into the aesthetic of this, the sort of paper mario style world, but also the sort of over-the-top gore of the minigames. The lore seems to be that these games are representing classic horror movies the 3 are watching, hence the references, but the appearance of the games fits right in with this concept. They all have a very retro vibe, much like you were actually playing one of those old VHS games. I'm not too far in and I'd still recommend this one, as it highly over delivers on its promise of 7 bone puns.


Amazing and very cute game. Love the visuals and the gameplay. 


spookware now has lore and a story??? this is amazing it used to be a mini game i used to play and now look at it!! so excited

So Spookware has some lore. Good job.


Spooky scary skeletons sending shivers down my spine 🎶


not sure if intentional or not, but thought you might like to know that on larger displays, the HTML cloud background is slightly cutting off on the bottom making some of the text hard to read on this itch.io page


i like the car